Legion Villages, also known as Legion Territory, are special outposts that could be occupied by a legion, providing additional benefits to its members during this time. Typically questing hubs that also house a number of NPCs, they feature a special legion-only area (similar to the Hall of Fame in Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priory) which houses additional bonus NPCs for the conquering legion and also acts as an impenetrable safezone.

Introduced with the 4.8 patch, so far six have been identified: three in Cygnea (Elyos legions) and three in Enshar (Asmodian legions).

In the 6.0 update the Legion Villages were removed from the game. The layout and design of the territory villages was updated accordingly.

Occupation Edit

In order to occupy a village, the concerning legion must participate in the Territory Challenge for the zone they wish to hold and come out as the top-ranked legion for that week's ranking. This position is determined by their performance in the challenge's instance.

Ownership lasts a week, starting from the weekly server maintenance until the following one. During that time, the legion which remained on the top rank for their village the previous week will hold the territory. As it only lasts a week, a legion wishing to continually hold it will have to take part on the challenge every week. Else, the ownership will either remain unclaimed or be passed to the legion who did take part on it.

Stonespear Siege Edit

It is currently the only instance associated with the Territory Challenge and determines the legions occupying the villages in Cygnea and Enshar. In order to access it, a member of the legion must be in possession of a Gold key <Stonespear Key>, obtained from the appropriate legion tasks.

Benefits Edit

All members of the conquering legion gain a special status that greatly improves PvP performance as long as they fight enemy players within the village's territory or radius. They can also scan for Conquerors of any level without the need to enter Protector status first. The legion's Brigade General will also receive a special title, which grants additional benefits.

In the villages' legion-only zone is a Teleport NPC who provides direct access a number of locations on the concerning map. These teleport routes are not available for other players. There is also a Blood Mark vendor from which legion members may purchase Blood Mark gear at cheaper rates.

The Brigade General of the conquering legion will also receive a special key that can be used once to manually open a rift in the legion's village. This rift has a capacity of 72 players and can be used by anyone.

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