The Legion Emblem is a mark that represents your Legion, and it can be exclusively used to show off your Legion to other users. A cloak is usually worn when creating or joining a Legion, and the Legion Emblem is embroidered on this cloak.

Every Legion will have an emblem on their cloaks, and the emblem will also appear in the Legion Window (Default: G) and on a shield when a player attains the required level.

When a Legion is first created, an emblem cannot be registered, therefore a pre-assigned common emblem is automatically used. When a Legion grows and becomes level 2, you can register one of the emblems that have been prepared (this emblem cannot be further modified or edited). When a Legion becomes level 3, an image file (256X256) created by the user can be registered.

How to register an emblemEdit

Once a Legion reaches level 3, they are allowed to register their own custom emblem. To change or register your Legion's emblem, it is necessary to first create your own custom design in whatever editing or painting program you see fit. Your final design must be sized down to 256x256 (24 bit), and the format must be either the .BMP or .TGA extension. To register your emblem for the first time, place your Legion emblem file to upload into the AION folder and press the Confirm button. To change your emblem, talk to the Legion Emblem Manager in the legion board located in the capital city of your race.

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