Collect the Amethysts in Taran's Cavern and take them to Kellan.

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Amethyst (item) (0/3)

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The Amethyst nodes to collect from are deep within Taran's Cavern. They do not resemble normal amethyst nodes, but are pink crystals. The nodes drop one crystal per person in your party with the quest, and rapidly respawn when depleted. Collect three and return with the crystals to Kellan to get the reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], have you ever been to the Taran's Cavern?
It is a place of unrelenting heat and fire! With seething lava that melts everything it touches! The boiling, scorching, molten heart of the very world itself! Laid bare before the
Well anyway, the cave. I've heard that the cave isn't filled with just lava and Klaws...but...something shiny."
1 "I almost hate to ask..."
"But you must ask! Because you are hungry for knowledge of the vast world that stretches far before you. Calling to have its secrets revealed in a ...
Ah yes. Amethysts! Valuable of course, but also rumored to be stones of bad luck.
The only reason those Amethysts are still untouched is that no one wants a curse following them around. But you don't believe in that sort of thing do you, [Player Name]?"
1 "Not if there's treasure to be had."
"That's what I thought. You see I'm getting old and I'm not in any shape to chase after those stones. I cough a lot and I'm more tired than I should be. I should improve my diet to regain my health but I can't afford good food....
But if you could recover those Amethysts and sell them to the Black Cloud Traders, we could split the profit and I could buy some decent food!"

Accept Edit

"An equitable arrangement!
Go to the Lava Cave of Taran in the Musphel Volcanic Region and fetch those Amethysts. I've heard they are hidden deep inside the cave."
X "Don't worry. I'll find them."

Decline Edit

"Cough, cough... Well, I suppose I'm too old for these crazy schemes...Even nutritious food may not help at this point.
All I can do now is wait for death. But don't worry about me - I'm just an old man. You have your own life.
Best to die with some dignity, right? You go on your way now. Go on. Leave me here. I'll probably be dead when you come back."
X "Um...good-bye."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Ah, you've come back.
You are very brave!
Did you find the Amethysts?"
1 "See for yourself."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You think you can pull one over on me? Go right now to Taran's Cavern and get those Amethysts.
Aren't you supposed to keep your promises? Wait! I see what you're doing! You're taking your time, hoping I'll die before you get back so you can have all the Amethysts for yourself!
Oh, it's my fault for trusting you. I'm doomed for certain!"
X "Um...I'll be right back. Really."

Successful Item Check Edit

"So...these are the famous Amethysts. They're really something, aren't they?
I knew you would come through. All my worries were just folly. Like that time I tried to drill a hole in my head....
But never mind about that! I received prepayment from the Shugos, so I can give you your share. Take it."


Kellan suggested you collect Amethysts in the Lava Cave of Taran.

You collected the Amethysts and delivered them to him.


  • This quest is best done in combination with Tango quest icon Seeking the Spotlight [?] since both quests require you to go into the same deep part of the caverns.

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