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Left Wing Chamber radar map

Radar map of the instance.


Left Wing Chamber is a group instance for Asmodians and Elyos level 30+. There is no entrance prerequisite, but the faction must own Siel's Western Fortress to be able to enter the instance. The entrance is on a lower level in the fortress, in the artifact room. Cooldown is 12 hours for re-entry.

Walkthrough Edit

After entering the instance, there is a blue Aether barrier. Once the Aetheric barrier is broken, there are 15 minutes until the treasure chests vanish. There are normal and elite mobs in this instance.

This instance has a winding path to a cavern crossed by six bridges. At the end of each bridge is a door with a treasure room and a single clickable box. One player will get the entire contents, it is not disbursed as normal.

Split the party into two "teams". Many groups will use /random to determine the order, just in case the 15 minutes expires before getting to the last two boxes. The top roll goes to team one, the second to team two, the third to team one, and so on.

Fight to the cavern and clear to the left side until you can get to the first two bridges. Team one goes up the first bridge, team two up the second. All of the mobs on the bridges are normal, not Elite. When you get to the end, the high roller should follow his teammates to the left-hand mob, then continue to the door and the chest. You have to be standing right up against the door to open it. Enter as soon as the door is high enough to enter and click the box, then loot all.

As soon as the teams have dropped their guard, go back down the bridge, looting as you go. The entire party should proceed together as the roamers are Elite. Now repeat the process for bridges three and four, then five and six. With luck and teamwork all six should get their box. The contents of the six boxes are basically fixed, but which box is in which room is random. One box will have less than 100 Kinah and nothing else. The others will all have multiple loot, and one of the boxes will also contain a blade fragment for a quest.

Once you have completed all six lanes (or time expires) go back to bridge #1 and begin clearing the Elite mobs. The named Boss is at the other end.

2-man walkthrough Edit

This instance can be done by a 2-man group. You will need a DPS and a DPS/healer. The idea is to clear as many mobs as possible before starting a timer and avoid most elite mobs after. All 6 chests can be taken by a duo of 38 level geared ranger and 38 level ungeared cleric.

Before the timer Edit

After killing the first elite mob, who meets you near the entrance, you will see 3 other elites. One of them is patrolling, so you just wait till he goes away. It's possible to pull the other two (Fleshmender and Serpentguard) separately. But if you fail to do that, remember to kill Fleshmender first, as he can heal.

Kill the patrol, when he comes back.

There are 4 non-elite mobs near the barrier. Agro and kill them.

Wait for another patrol (Shaman) to come through the barrier and pull him. Be careful and lure him away from the barrier, so that you don't risk starting a timer after he casts Balaur Form on you.

Corridor Edit

When one of the Serpentguards comes close to the right wall, break the barrier and pull him. You must lure and kill him before another one comes to that place. Move along the left wall and you'll avoid that second Serpentguard without a problem.

The tricky part is to kill normal mobs near the left wall, while not pulling an elite Fleshmender. Keep an eye on that Fleshmender and kill him in case of accidental pull.

This leaves one last elite mob near the exit from the corridor to kill. You can also kill non-elite mobs who stand and patrol nearby.

Bridges Edit

Now you proceed to the bridges. One person will go to the rooms 1-3, another to 4-6. Do not agro elites near the bridges. Just sneak behind patrolling Serpentguard and kill normal mobs one by one. It's enough to kill only one of two mobs guarding the door, but don't try to run between them as you'll agro both.

If everything goes as planned, you should be able to pick all 6 chests. After the timer you can also kill Treasurer Nabatma to complete a quest.

  • As a cleric, you can use your Rebirth skill to get the last chest before the timer expires.

Alternative walkthrough for PUGs Edit

If you are doing this instance with a full group of random people, be sure to have a short briefing before you start.

Leader should use brands to assign a bridge number to each person. And those, who aren't sure they can clear the bridge solo, should go in pairs.

As opposed to 2-man run, with a full group you should kill every mob in corridor. Also kill the elites guarding bridges before you split.

  • Kill mobs on the bridges one by one.
  • Chest behind the door can't be rolled. The person who opens it gets everything inside.
  • One of the rooms has also a golden treasure box.
  • Beware that mobs in this instance will agro even on 60 level players.

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