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Lapis is a Daeva found cheering for Bella, the Daeva of Dance, on the Outer Dock of Sanctum. Even though she longs to be like Bella, she just doesn't have the talent.



"Isn't it a beautiful day? I just want to soar into the light and feel it with my entire essence.
Look at Bella dance. She's radiant! Watching her dance makes me happy, deep down inside.
She must be a gift from the Seraphim Lords, to lift our spirits in times of darkness."
1.png "She certainly is energetic."
X.png "Farewell."
"I tried to learn to dance, many years ago. I won't say how long ago it was. You're a Daeva, you understand.
But not all of us are so gifted as Bella. I tried, but I'm clumsy, like a tipolid in a Shugo shop.
After years of practice, I... I just gave up. Now I content myself with watching Bella dance."
X.png "I say dance anyway, Daeva."