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Lanse is a Handicrafting Master at the Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium.



Starts quests
Involved in quests
Gives tasks
See Handicrafting work orders.


"Handicrafts are my life, [Player Class]! My life!
When I was Human, I worked diligently at the crafting bench. Always pursuing perfection, always finding it just out of my reach. One day, without warning, I gazed into the glimmering heard of a jewel...transfigured...and I ascended! Now, praise the Five, I have eternity to practice my crafts!
Would you care to join me? There's always room for another meticulous worker in this shop."
Learn Handicrafting.png Learn Handicrafting
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Work orders[]

Before learning handicrafting
"Ah...heh. We've forgotten something, haven't we? What do we need to do before we can take on a job? That's right! We need to learn the skills!
Learn the handicraft skill, and I'll give you plenty of work. I promise."
X.png "I can't wait to get started!"
"You'd like to get some work done? Good. Just...don't take on a commission and then dawdle about. It tries my patience and my nerves when people skulk.
You wouldn't do that, would you? I can't stand it when my nerves go bad. My hands shake and I can't work and that just makes it worse..."