Bring the Mosbear Cub's Leather to Lamir who is in need of new clothing.

Quest Information Edit

Objective Edit

  • Collect some Mosbear Cub's Leather and bring them to <Lamir>.
<Mosbear Cub's Leather> (0/6)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

The Mosbear Cub's Leather can be dropped from <Brownbristle Mosbear Cubs>, <Tusked Mosbear Cubs> or <Swamp Mosbear Cubs>. They are all located within Basfelt Hunting Ground making this quest easy to do in conjunction with others from Basfelt Village. The mothers of the cub are social and will attack when fighting the cub. It is possible to kill the cub solo, loot, and run off the mother to reset her. This can save some time if you're in a rush. Collect 6 Leathers and return to Lamir.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"It's so cold lately! And my clothes are all worn-out, which isn't helping anything.
I think leather clothes would keep the cold out nicely, but it's not easy to come by when I can't go out hunting."
1 "Why can't you hunt?"
"Oh, there are far too many Mosbears out there. A Human like me wouldn't come back alive. If only I could get to the babies without disturbing the mothers....
Hey, maybe you could help me out? Could you bring me some Mosbear Cub's Leather?
The mothers remain uncomfortably close to the young, so you'd need to be careful. I'll pay you--will you do it?"

Accept Edit

"Thank you so much!
There are many Mosbears in the Basfelt Hunting Grounds, but remember that it must be the Mosbear Cub's Leather. I think 6 should be enough for a new set of clothes.
Please watch out for the mothers! Good luck!"
X "Thank you."

Decline Edit

"You're quite right. This isn't the time to worry about clothes, not with everyone on edge about Mosbears and the Lepharists.
I was a fool to ask.
Don't worry about it, I can get clothes from <Bergard>."
X "Shadows guide you."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You've already returned?
Those Mosbears are tough, aren't they?
Did you bring 6 pieces of Mosbear Cub's Leather?"
1 "Here they are."

Failed item check Edit

"Oh, you didn't finish yet?
I thought you would have done the job by now.
Well...I'll be right here when you get around to it. I'll be the one freezing to death."
X "Er, I'll hurry back."

Successful item check Edit

"Thank you. I can make some very nice clothing with this.
Finally, I can stay warm."

Summary Edit

Lamir was worried since her clothes were too worn-out for cold weather wear. At her request, you killed Mosbear Cubs and took the skins to her.

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