Lakrum M

Map of Lakrum

Lakrum is the land that was discovered after Ereshkigal fled the Abyss at the start of the 6.0 update. Located on the edge of a previously undiscovered continent of Balaurea, this shared map acts as the main leveling area and PvPvE zone for level 75~80 players of both factions.

This map features the return of several systems that defined previous Aion expansions, such as the presence of a fortress a leveling map (Inggison/Gelkmaros) and mini-outposts that can be captured to unlock weekly quests (akin to Katalam/Danaria).

Lay of the Land Edit

Lakrum is a region that is primarily defined through its abundant forestry, the lone exceptions coming in the form of two coves that are found in the western and southern sections of the map. The map is split into three "districts": Elyos players will begin at the Ancient Sanctum of Life and work their way up through the left third of the map, while the Asmodians will find themselves in the Ancient Temple of Wisdom and do the same for the right third of the map. The whole center or middle area is a joint area, designed for endgame level 80 players. The map has no neutral zones, so players are advised to travel in groups or stay in the vicinity of one of the faction's outposts where possible.

Bases Edit

Similar to the Upper Abyss, Lakrum features an additional 9 artifact bases (mini-outposts). These can be captured to unlock weekly quests that award Genesis Crystal <Genesis Crystal>, a currency used to purchase the endgame PvP gear among other rewards. Each base has two weekly quests associated with it, as well as an NPC that will give the player 10 Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone <Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone> the first time he/she interacts with it. Players can capture a base by defeating the NPC with Captain in its name located within it. Captains spawn about 15 minutes after a base has been captured, allowing another faction to "flip" it again.

As they are artifact bases, the conquering legion (or player) will be able to activate said artifact to aid nearby players. Finally, having control over a base opens up additional teleport routes to some of the other bases and locations on the map.

Cubic Lab Gatekeeper Edit

An NPC granting access to the Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab instance has a small chance to appear each time a base is captured by the Elyos or Asmodians. It will appear in the vicinity of the base, and will grant access to the instance for the first 24 players to interact with him. Note that players of both factions can seek this NPC out; entry is not limited to members of the faction that captured the base. The NPC will despawn once the entry limit has been reached, or after 10 minutes.

World Bosses Edit

Players may opt to hunt down the map's named elite monsters and/or world bosses to obtain crafting materials used in the renewed Aetherforging discipline, as well as cubicles. Scale red <Ancient Kibrium> can be obtained from the <Leader> type elite scattered throughout the map, while the Legendary Kibrium <Legendary Kibrium> is obtained from world bosses. Finally, Ultimate Kibrium <Ultimate Kibrium> is obtained exclusively from <Berserk Anomos>. When the latter spawns players on Lakrum will receive a notification. Icons denoting the location of world bosses will also appear on the World Map (M).

World bosses can be looted for the spoils, offering a mixture of single (roll) drops and shared drops. They will also leave behind a number of boxes on the ground containing additional crafting materials. As of such, it is recommended to team up into groups or alliances, as all members of the alliance will be able to acquire the items from each of the opened boxes that way.

Fortresses Edit

Siege Fortress

Located at the top of Lakrum is its fortress, a massive Jotun-built citadel overseeing the region. Rumor has it that Ereshkigal has used the fortress' interior to reproduce the events that transpired in the Drakenspire Depths from her memories, and has used this both as a testimony to her past and as a motivation for her newfound ambitions of the present. As long as the fortress is not under Balaur control, The Veilenthrone will be accessible. The fortress-controlling faction will enter from inside the fortress (and will also receive a number of additional teleport lines), while the opposing faction can access it from their outpost south from the fortress.

Instances Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This zone partially replaces Iluma and Norsvold.
  • The map is rather dark, and not as vibrant in color as some of its predecessors. Especially at night players may struggle to make out objects or roads. This may in part be accredited to the distance of Lakrum to previous regions and the Tower of Eternity, and thus the lack of Aether in the region.