Kumuki Cave map

Kumuki Cave map

Kumuki Cave, also known as Kumuki HideoutKR/EU, is a timed solo event instance for players of level 46 and above, only available for select weeks throughout the year. The default rewards include EXP, AP Relics and the latest Abyss medals (or fragments thereof), but additional rewards may also be available based on the current version of the event.

In this instance the player will face a tribe of Kobolds called the Kumuki, who have captured the Porguses from <HanselHansel the Troublemaker> and <GretelGretel the Mischievous>. Daevas must tackle this instance in a completely different way from what they are used to, namely through stealth. The level of the mobs inside is dynamic and scales with the player, much like in Fissure of Oblivion.

Access Edit

As long as the event is active, players may find the access to this instance in their capital cities. Elyos will access it from Elyos Square in Sanctum, while for Asmodians it will be Pandaemonium Plaza in Pandaemonium. To enter, players may interact with the <Kumuki Cave Carriage> and be teleported to the beginning of the instance.

Skills Edit

Unlike most event instances, class skills are allowed to be used inside. However, when the instance begins, the player will be disguised as a Kobold and given two additional skills:

  • Fear Shriek I <Throw Fear Grenade> - Putting a target into fear, making it disappearing after a while (only for lesser mobs)
  • Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb> - Forces targets within a specified location to be paralysed momentarily.

If the player loses the Kobold disguise, they may make use of the Transformation Scroll <Shabby Kumuki Transformation Scroll> dropped by the <Supplies Box>. While targeting oneself and activating it, the player will recover the Kumuki form.

Walkthrough Edit

KC - Vision Ex

Field of vision of a mob (orange cone)

When the <Door Lever> is used, the player will be disguised as a Kobold and allowed to use both skills. The timer starts when the door is opened, giving the player 15 minutes before the Porguses are slain. As the countdown ends, for every additional minute, one Porgus will disappear.

However, if too many mobs are aggroed on the way, one Porgus will disappear, and subsequent aggroing will force more Porguses to despawn. Unlike other mobs, these are not aggroed by standing on their range, they are only aggroed if the player is spotted by standing on the orange cone in their front.

The instance can be ran in different manners; prioritising XP gain, or aiming to save the most Porguses possible. Since mobs will not despawn regardless of time past, the former case has no time limit. However, the latter case, forces the player not to spare time.

Deserted Refinery Edit

The first chamber will be the Deserted Refinery. The way will be blocked out by 3 <Kumuki Laborers> looking in different directions. The can be paralysed by making use of Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb> giving the player time to get passed them. If the player accidentally aggros them, they may jump to the <Suspicious Basket>, hiding them from any mobs.

Depending on the way the player wishes to run the instance, the pathing splits into two. Those wishing to acquire keys will have to turn left, towards the entrance to the small mine, the Deserted Stope. Making sure to avoid the <Kumuki Watcher'sKumuki Watcher> sight on the left, as well as the patrolling <Kumuki Peon>, it is suggested to interact with the <Suspicious Wagon>, which will disguise the player for 10 seconds, enough time to get passed the guarding <Kumuki Watcher>. Optionally, the player may stand on top of the rock and use Fear Shriek I <Throw Fear Grenade> to dispose of the <Kumuki Digger> watching over the <Key Chest (KC)>. That done, they may safely proceed to open it and obtain one of the four Key type 5 <Iron Fence Keys>. Make use of the <Suspicious Wagon> to go back the way they came from. Once out, eliminate the <Kumuki Peon> in the middle of the room and proceed to the opposite side.

Meanwhile, those wishing to perform an XP run, they may skip the Deserted Stope and instead head right. Avoiding the sight of the patrolling <Kumuki Watchers>, heading straight towards the <Nutritious Ginseng>. These mobs reward great amounts of XP, which will be the player's main interest during the XP run.

Both paths meet up afterwards at the opposite end of the Deserted Refinery. Interacting with the <Door Lever> will open the passage towards the following room. This corridor will have a <Kumuki Laborer>, which can be bypassed by moving through the corner behind him. The next portion will contain 5 Kobolds, who can only be countered by using Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb> at the middle of the group. Swiftly pressing forward, the player must expect the patrolling <Kumuki Laborer>, target him and use Fear Shriek I <Throw Fear Grenade> as soon as in range.

Deserted Watchtower Edit

The following room will be the Kumuki Watchtower. There will be a <Dundun Sentinel> on the door, which can be passed by simply waiting for it to look to the other side.

KC - Watchtower

Tower Lift route

The strategy here is to jump off from the top of the ramp the player is on and land on the stairs below the top floor of the central tower. They will aggro the <Dundun Sentinel> watching the stairs, but it will reset easily after a few seconds. At the top, they will find, in the northern part, the <Key Chest (KC)> containing the second Key type 5 <Iron Fence Key>. The last patrolling <Dundun Sentinel> can be paralysed with Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb> or ignored by opening the chest right outside of its field of view. If the player misses the jump, they can access the top from the bottom by interacting with the <Tower Lift> guarded by a <Dundun Sentinel> (wont be aggroed if approached from the sides).

Those aiming for an XP run can find the <Nutritious Ginseng> on the ramp/stairs on the opposite side from where they enter from by jumping from the tower. After dealing with it, they may jump all the way to the bottom and glide towards the passage towards the next room.

Leaving behind the Deserted Watchtower, the player will have to go through another small corridor. This one will contain a single patrolling <Dundun Gatherer>, which can be eluded by going behind it while it is looking on another direction, as well as a group of four Kobolds (avoided by using Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb> and getting into a <Suspicious Basket> if spotted).

Deserted Processing Plant Edit

Connecting to the Deserted Processing Plant, may optionally go for the final <Nutritious Ginseng>, on top of the platform to the north of the room. However, this can be easily done by using Fear Shriek I <Throw Fear Grenade> on the <Dundun Watchman> looking towards the centre of the room. This will allow the player to get nearer to the <Nutritious Ginseng>, aggroing it with a ranged attack back to the starting point of the chamber and deal with it from there (and avoiding the patrolling <Dundun Sentinel>).

KC - Processing Plant

Gate route

The third Key type 5 <Iron Fence Key> is found on this chamber as well, but on the other side from the entrance. This room can be safely progressed through by sticking to the wall to the south (right side from the starting point), and optionally using Fear Shriek I <Throw Fear Grenade> on the patrolling <Dundun Sentinel> between the drying racks. The exit to the room will be right afterwards. With a patrolling <Dundun Sentinel>, it is wise to use Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb> on its surroundings, allowing the player to sneak by and activating the <Door Lever>.

Those wishing for the third Key type 5 <Iron Fence Key> should open the door, and instead of proceeding to the Deserted Nursery, they will remain in the Deserted Processing Plant and stick to the wall further. Another patrolling <Dundun Sentinel> will impede the way, but can be easily countered with Fear Shriek I <Throw Fear Grenade>. Pressing a bit further, a guard will be standing right beside the <Key Chest (KC)>. If Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb> in cooldown, the player may carefully sneak behind it and grab the Key type 5 <Iron Fence Key> swiftly. Finally, heading back the gate and pressing towards the Deserted Nursery.

Deserted Nursery Edit

KC - Nusery

Ginseng Snack route

This section can be potentially dangerous, as it will be full of <Dundun Sentinels> and <Dundun Gatherers>, covering almost every section of the path. The most efficient method is to grab the <Suspicious Ginseng Snack>, which will transform the player into living Ginseng for a very short amount of time, allowing them to move freely without getting detected. However, due to the short duration, every second counts. When the first <Suspicious Ginseng Snack> is consumed, the player must rush to the following safe area, a gap with another <Suspicious Ginseng Snack> next to a <Dundun Gatherer> (while the Ginseng Snack is under the vigilance of the Skurv, he will not be altered when picked up unless the player is too close).

With that one picked up, the user must swiftly move to a nearby <Suspicious Ginseng Snack>. Despite still being under the effect of the item, making use of this second snack will refresh the state, giving the player an opportunity to get passed the final Skurv guards. The following part will prove to be tricky, as timing plays a great role. As the player presses forward, four <Kumuki Seekers> will start sprinting in direction of the area the player is going through. Depending on how far they are, the player may either jump into the <Suspicious Basket> and avoid detection (ending up behind him afterwards) or paralyse them with Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb> and then proceed to hide in the <Suspicious Basket>.

Deserted Elevator Edit

With that part settled, the player may press forward in the canyon towards the elevator. Before going up, the player should first head down to the end of the path into the small lake. There, the <Wandering Keykeeper Tog> can be found, as well as the final Key type 5 <Iron Fence Key>. By interacting with the tog, it will be tamed, and will instantly rush towards the elevator, keeping busy any mob upstairs as long as the player needs, completely clearing the way into the final section of the instance.

KC - Elevator

Suspicions Box location

One final secret remains however. There will be a hidden key box on a small cave-in into the wall of the canyon, which can only be accessed by jumping off the top of the elevator and glide towards it (left). The best strategy is to jump off, free-fall some meters and then proceed to glide towards it. However, it requires a bit of luck and timing to access it. With that done, the <Suspicious Box (KC)> can be opened for a Key type 2 <Kumuki Crate Key>. Unlike other keys, this one is used to open the <Kumuki Crate> at the end of the instance.

The hidden chest is optional, and can be a time-sink due to the long waits required to mount back up the elevator. Therefore, if time is tight, it may be wise to avoid it altogether and proceed towards the last chamber of the instance. Making use of the <Door Lever> will open the way into the Kumuki Base.

Kumuki Base Edit

This room is both a treasure chamber and a boss area. The only enemy here is <Cook Bakaki>, the main and final boss. There will be four cells, each with one door which is opened by using a single Key type 5 <Iron Fence Key>. Each previously collected key allows the player to obtain more rewards by freeing more Porguses. Once the fence is down, players will have to interact with the Porgus, setting it free, which will drop a reward. It is important to notice that when <Cook Bakaki> is aggroed, the door the player came from will be closed and all mobs in the instance will be despawned.

Players may deal with this room in two different ways depending on their abilities. Those who are not tight on time can proceed to just attack the boss, killing it before the global timer ends. With <Cook Bakaki> dead, the countdown will stop, and (if they are still around) Porguses will be completely safe to be freed with no time limit.

However, if the player is running low on time and/or will not defeat the boss on time, they may alternatively opt to kite the boss around the room while freeing the Porguses. This can be done by taking <Cook Bakaki> to one side of the chamber and quickly using the key on the fence. The player will need to move <Cook Bakaki> back to the other side again and free the Porgus to obtain the bundle. This can be repeated as many keys as the player is in possession of. Alternatively the boss can also be rooted in one place by specific player skills, though it will resist all other forms of crowd control. While rooted it will still summon its adds, although these will not aggro the player if they are far enough.

Another important aspect is how when a Porgus is about to be killed (and disappear), a single <Kumuki Butcher> will slowly walk towards the cage. This mob can be effectively aggroed and killed, preventing the Porgus to be killed. If this <Kumuki Butcher> is killed, the Porgus which he was heading towards will be saved (though an Key type 5 <Iron Fence Key> is still required to open the door).

Boss Battle Edit

Fighting <Cook Bakaki> can be quite a challenge for certain classes due to its high HP pool and the additional monsters spawned as the battle wears on. His only skills are Macro type 1 <Flamecrush>, a hard hitting single target attack, as well as Macro type 1 <Brandish Dipper>, a frontal AoE attack. During the fight, additional Kobolds will be summon to his aid; a single <Kumuki Seeker> (can be disposed of by using Fear Shriek I <Throw Fear Grenade> on it) and up to four <Kumuki Butchers> (which can be countered by paralysing them with Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb>). They all disappear after a few seconds of being spawned, however their combined damage can be fatal.

If the player manages to survive <Cook Bakaki> and outlast him, the instance ends. <HanselHansel the Troublemaker> will appear, cheering the player, and spawn a fifth bonus chest: the <Kumuki Crate> which can be opened with the Key type 2 <Kumuki Crate Key> obtained from the Deserted Elevator section. Once done, the player may leave the instance by using the portal on the back of the room.

Rewards Edit

Note: Rewards may vary depending on the instalment of the event and the region it is being hosted on. Check the main website for the rewards listings.

By freeing a Porgus, a 22px Hansel's Gift Box (or similar bundle based on the current version) is added to the player's inventory. The <Kumuki Crate> will also drop it, making for a maximum of five bundles total per run. When opened, it will grant the player AP Relics, Abyss gear medals and other tokens (depending on the game's patch.

Along with these, depending on the instalment of the event, the player will receive a single 22px Poppy's Letter. These can be used outside the instance to exchange for items through the Ember NPC. Depending on the item, AP and medals might also be required.

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Kumuki Cave banner

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