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Kuhara the Volatile

Kuhara the Volatile is a boss in Rentus Base located in the Siel's Forge. He is one of the officers protecting <Brigade General Vasharti>.

Location Edit

Strategy Edit

This Drakan boss is usually done by a single person. Due to him being invulnerable to physical damage, the concept is to kite the boss around and lure him to the Oil Casks which spawn. As he destroys them, the oil inside will spill around a small section of the floor. This oil will give whoever is standing on it a debuff, making that person suffer a greater amount of damage from the bombs summoned by Kuhara.

After a certain amount of time, he will use Iron Skin I <Summon Bombs>, which will spawn several Kuhara's Bombs and make them run towards him. It is important for everyone to keep certain distance from that area as the explosion may also hurt players.

He will also use Macro type 1 <Shock Wave> (an AoE attack around him which will knock down enemies) and a multi-strike attack, affecting targets in front of him.

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Quotes Edit

  • "Captain Xasta is sapless, a foul! You shall not find the same of me."
  • "I shall end you! Buaha"
  • "Ba-BOOM! Such fireworks! Buahaha!"
  • "I'm hungry! I'll have you for dessert!"

Drops Edit

  • Rebel fabled armour
  • Defeated Reian heroic armour

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