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Krotan Barracks map

Krotan Barracks map

Krotan Barracks is a fortress group instance for players of level 61 and above. It was introduced as an upgrade from Krotan Chamber in 4.5, and has been updated to endgame ever since. It is only accessible if the faction owns Krotan Fortress in Upper Reshanta. It is a treasure chamber held by the Luksha legion, a group of Ereshkigal underlings who defend Miren Fortress.

As of 4.9, this instance features a Hidden version, which is only available once the Upper Layer Landing is level 6. Rewards are identical, however there is an added chance to acquire part of the Ereshkigal Legion mythic accessories.

Even though the instance allows entry to players of level 61, the recommended level for this instance is 70, due to all mobs inside being of level 75. This instance is generous in XP when done in small groups. But they are mostly known for their rewards, such as AP relics, medals and manastones.

Walkthrough Edit

The group will start on the chamber, which opens up in three possible paths, each locked by a door. Killing the Balaur guard in the middle will reward the players with a key. The mob will be either a <Ereshkigal Luksha Cloudwatcher>, a <Ereshkigal Luksha Scalesewer>, a <Ereshkigal Luksha Shiverblade> or a <Ereshkigal Luksha Tombguard>.

This mob will drop a Key type 1 <Krotan Operations Room Key>, a Key type 1 <Krotan Supply Base Key> or a Key type 1 <Krotan Armory Key>. Depending on the key given out, the group will have to go through different routes, but the situation will be the same regardless. Each room connects to the following one, blocked by a door. This door can only be lifted by slaying the ultimate-grade Balaur in the room, which will only be an empowered version of the regular ones.

While this set up is repeated all the way until the end, each room has a chance of containing either an Abyss Statue (varying in size, rewarding chunks of AP when destroyed) or a small treasure chest (which will reward an Box type 7 <Abyss Fortress Box> for each member of the group).

The three possible paths meet up at the instance's deepest room, the Krotan Ascension Chamber, where the final boss can be fought. While the fight itself is not timed, the longer it takes, the higher the chances of <Ancient Treasure Box>, which reward the instance's main loot, disappear. As soon as someone steps in through the seal, a 10 minute countdown will begin. The <Ancient Treasure Box> will start disappearing one by one when minutes are low, and as such preventing the group from its rewards.

However, all chests are protected by doors which can only be unlocked by using the keys dropped by the final boss in the same room; the <Enraged Krotan Lord>. He will drop a Key type 1 <Krotan Treasure Room Key> and a Key type 4 <Hidden Treasure Room Key>. The former will open any of the available doors leading to the chests (which are all connect ed on the other side), while the latter will open an individual door on the treasure chest room most to the right, containing an even bigger <Ancient Treasure Box>. All rewards can be looted by everyone.

The <Enraged Krotan Lord> is a mostly easy and straightforward fight. Using mostly Macro type 1 <Demolish>, Macro type 1 <Flying Blade>, Macro type 1 <Cut>, Spiralarrow (NPC) <Slash> and Stun altered state <Searing Scream>. Later on the battle, he will also make use of Stealth Detection <Prime Target> (silencing, binding and reducing movement speed of a target) and following it with Macro type 1 <Punishing Blow>, a powerful attack which will deal damage on those around the original target. The person affected by Stealth Detection <Prime Target> will not suffer damage, but must move away from the rest of the group.

With the boss dead and the Key type 1 <Krotan Treasure Room Key> and Key type 4 <Hidden Treasure Room Key> looted, the group may proceed to open chests and enjoy their spoils.

Quests Edit

Quests are available outside the instance, given out by an NPC next to the entrance, rewarding Fragmented Spinel <Fragmented Spinel>.

Rewards Edit

Treasure Room Chests
Abyss Fortress Box
Final Boss

Additionally, all mobs inside the instance have a chance to drop parts of the Frostforged mythic level 71 set, as well as the usual Archdaeva manastones and crafting materials.

Trivia Edit

  • The mobs inside were the same ones from Krotan Chamber, but raised to level 65. 4.9 changed them to Ereshkigal Balaur soldiers. 5.3 made them level 75.
  • The instance would feature a Legion's version, available for the legion owning the fortress, giving out higher rewards. It was removed after 4.9.
  • The final boss works in the same way as a level 75 Guardian General.

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