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Kromede's Trial is a solo instance for characters of level 37 and above, added in the Assault on Balaurea expansion (Aion 2.0). This instance follows the story of Kromede, a fallen Shadow Judge, and gives insight into her tragic tale of love and betrayal. The entrance is located at Arbolu's Haven in Heiron (Elyos Logo small.png Elyos) and Camp Kistenian in Beluslan (Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian)

The instance is relatively straightforward, progressing through the rooms and story line to the final fight. Some unique items and buffs aid the player as they progress. From the second run onwards players can choose what kind of loot they want to acquire: a chance at a Fabled-grade weapon of choice, or several guaranteed pieces from the Heroic Fallen Judge armor set, which all have a unique appearance and made for a popular skin set.

Entry Quests[]

Prior to the 5.8 update, players must complete the following series of quests to be able to enter Kromede's Trial:

Quest NPC
Tango key quest icon.png <Suspicious Errand> [38] <>
Tango key quest icon.png <Nightmares and Dreamscapes> [38] <>
Tango key quest icon.png <Into the Unknown> [38] Bridget
NPC Quest
Tango quest icon.png <Scoring Some Bad Stigma> [38] Perento
Tango quest icon.png <Nightmare on My Street> [38] Perento
Tango quest icon.png <Nightmare in Shining Armor> [38] Raninia

Instance Items[]

These four items can only be used in the instance and last for 2 hours, with various cooldowns.

Item Cooldown Effects
Silver Blade Rotan (item).gif <Silver Blade Rotan> 30 seconds Summons Silver Blade Rotan to attack selected target and reduce its speed.
Explosive Bead.gif <Explosive Bead> 2 minutes Inflicts damage on enemies and causes them to become incapacitated.
Maga's Potion.gif <Maga's Potion> 10 minutes Completely restores health and reflects enemy attacks for a short time.
Sapping Pollen.gif <Sapping Pollen> 5 minutes Inflicts sleep on selected target for a short time and damages the target when it awakens.

Instance Buffs[]

There are four different buffs that can be acquired in various areas of the instance, which can be used for strategic advantage.

Name Reusable Effect
Prophet's Tower Yes Blocks up to 500 incoming damage. Lasts up to 5 minutes.
Garden Fountain Yes Recovers HP by 200 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
Porgus Barbecue No Increases Attack by 10 and Magic Boost by 10 for 5 minutes.
Fruit Basket (Kromede) No Recovers HP by 600 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.


Map of Kromede's Trial

In the instance players appear and play as Kromede, but retain their own weapon and skills.

Grand Cavern[]

The first area is the Grand Cavern. Work through the mobs to get to the Grave Robber's Corpse. Complete Tango quest icon.png <Recovering Rotan> [38] (Asmodian), or Tango quest icon.png <Meeting with Rotan> [38] (Elyos) to obtain Silver Blade Rotan (item).gif <Silver Blade Rotan>. Use Rotan to destroy the Sealed Door and move towards the Temple Vault. Continue to kill NPCs to reach the <Petrahulk Gatekeeper>, who has the key to the Vault door. Enter the Temple Vault and kill <Divine Hisen>, who will be more challenging to kill. It is recommended to clear (part of) the room prior to engaging him, so the player can get some distance when needed.

Pick up the Maga's Potion behind him to teleport into the Manor Dungeons. As the cutscene shows, Kromede breaks the cell door with Rotan.

Kaliga Dungeons[]

The guard NPCs here are slightly tougher than the other monsters, so be careful with pulling them as you go. <Warden Baal> will patrol the area, and holds the key required to advance. <Robstin> is alive at this point of the story. On the right side of the pathway are a number of prison cells, where the player can kill prisoners to complete the side quest Tango quest icon.png <Seeking Slumber> [37] (Asmodian) or Tango quest icon.png <Dreams of the Dungeon> [38] (Elyos). On the left is the Torture Chamber, where <Hamam the Torturer> can be found. Continue to move down the corridor to the Dungeon Hall, and defeat the <Manor Guard Captain> in the back to get the next key. Be sure to check the Old Relic Chest to get the Explosive Bead.gif <Explosive Bead>, which is a powerful damage device.

Move back up to the corridor and head left to access Robstin's cell, who has been killed by this time. Seek revenge by killing <Guard Bitin>. Talk to the corpse, then move up the stairs. Open the door at the top of the stairs to get into the main Manor.

Kaliga Manor[]

After working your way through the corridor you will arrive in the Manor Entrance area, which has the Prophet's Tower to buff damage. Turning left, head down to appear in the Kaliga Gardens and interact with the Sleep Flower to obtain the Sapping Pollen.gif <Sapping Pollen>. The Garden Fountain in the center will heal the player if interacted with. Going back into the main hall, climb the stairs and slay Shadow Executioner Austin to retrieve Maga's Potion.gif <Maga's Potion>. The player may head left to access Lady Angerr's Bedroom, where they can fight <Lady Angerr>, or proceed to the right to enter the Banquet Hall.

Several cooks will be patrolling the Hall, and various guards will be located near the tables. The Porgus Barbecue and Fruit Basket (Kromede) are both found in this area, and may be interacted with for buffs. Once again turning right, the player will now be in the Kaliga Library. The upper level provides access to the Forbidden Book Repository and holds the third and last of Kaliga's subordinates, <Justicetaker Wyr>. Back down at the ground level, kill <Jeeves> in front of the bookcase door to access the final boss room, Kaliga Treasury.

Kaliga Treasury[]

Before the 6.0 update, players have to fight <Kaliga the Unjust> (Hard Mode) the first time they run this instance. During subsequent runs however you have the option to seek out and defeat the three mini-bosses mentioned above, which will then spawn alongside a weakened version of the final boss and affect the final loot options. After the 6.0 update this has become the new 'default' path, as all mini-boss rooms are now open during the first run.

Originally, the pathways leading to Kaliga's subordinates would be blocked during the player's first run, leaving them with no choice but to face <Kaliga the Unjust> (Hard Mode). This version uses skills that deal out significant damage. The key to defeating him is to destroy the Strength Relic to reduce the incoming damage, and optionally the Mana Relic to reduce the boss' defenses. Both may respawn after some time. If the fight takes too long, Kaliga may also summon golems, which need to be killed as soon as possible. This version of the final boss has a chance to drop <Kaliga's Key>, which can be used to open one of the weapon racks in the room to receive a Fabled-grade weapon of choice.

From the second run onwards, players have the option of seeking out and defeating Kaliga's subordinates. Defeating at least one of them makes the boss spawn as <Shadow Judge Kaliga> (Normal Mode), alongside the weakened versions of any previously defeated subordinates: <Distraught Lady Angerr>, <Injured Justicetaker Wyr> and <Wounded Hamam>.

Once victorious, use the Emergency Exit to leave the instance.

Kromede's Trial Areas[]


Name Region Start NPC
Tango quest icon.png <A Blacksmith's Dream> [38] Camp Kistenian Walter
Tango quest icon.png <An Honorable Death> [38] Camp Kistenian Sieger
Tango quest icon.png <Recovering Rotan> [38] Grand Cavern <Grave Robber's Corpse>
Tango quest icon.png <Seeking Slumber> [37] Camp Kistenian Karlatu
Name Region Start NPC
Tango quest icon.png <Dream Fragment> [38] Arbolu's Haven Ukon
Tango quest icon.png <Dreams of the Dungeon> [38] Arbolu's Haven Ardenia
Tango quest icon.png <Meeting with Rotan> [38] Grand Cavern <Grave Robber's Corpse>
Tango quest icon.png <To Dream, To Die> [38] Arbolu's Haven Estenor

Unique Drops[]

*These drops were removed in the 6.0 update*

NPC Drops
<Distraught Lady Angerr> Blue Gloves.gif <Corrupt Judge's Gloves>
Blue Vambrace.gif <Corrupt Judge's Vambrace>
Blue Handguards.gif <Corrupt Judge's Handguards>
Blue Gauntlets.gif <Corrupt Judge's Gauntlets>
Green Earring type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Aquamarine Earrings>
Green Earring type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Topaz Earrings>
<Injured Justicetaker Wyr> Blue Shoes.gif <Corrupt Judge's Shoes>
Blue Boots.gif <Corrupt Judge's Boots>
Blue Brogans.gif <Corrupt Judge's Brogans>
Blue Sabatons.gif <Corrupt Judge's Sabatons>
Green Necklace type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Aquamarine Necklace>
Green Necklace type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Topaz Necklace>
<Wounded Hamam> Blue Pauldrons.gif <Corrupt Judge's Pauldrons>
Blue Shoulderguards.gif <Corrupt Judge's Shoulderguards>
Blue Spaulders.gif <Corrupt Judge's Spaulders>
Blue Shoulderplates.gif <Corrupt Judge's Shoulderplates>
Green Ring type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Aquamarine Ring>
Green Ring type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Topaz Ring>
<Kaliga the Unjust>
(Hard Mode)
Key type 1.gif <Kaliga's Key>
Blue Belt type 1.gif <Corrupt Judge's Belt>
Blue Belt type 1.gif <Corrupt Judge's Leather Belt>
<Shadow Judge Kaliga>
(Easy Mode)
Blue Leggings.gif <Corrupt Judge's Leggings>
Blue Breeches.gif <Corrupt Judge's Breeches>
Blue Chausses.gif <Corrupt Judge's Chausses>
Blue Greaves.gif <Corrupt Judge's Greaves>
Blue Tunic.gif <Corrupt Judge's Tunic>
Blue Jerkin.gif <Corrupt Judge's Jerkin>
Blue Hauberk.gif <Corrupt Judge's Hauberk>
Blue Breastplate.gif <Corrupt Judge's Breastplate>
Cloth Helm type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Bandana>
Leather Helm type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Hat>
Chain Helm type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Chain Hood>
Plate Helm type 2.gif <Corrupt Judge's Helm>


  • Kromede's Trial originally was a solo instance for players of level 37 and above. Monster levels have been adjusted as part of the 6.0 update.
  • Before the 6.0 update players would run Fire Temple and defeat Kromede first, before learning of her backstory afterwards. After the update this order was reversed.
  • It is strongly suggested that the Kaliga in normal mode (<Shadow Judge Kaliga>) sacrificed his prized relics and even offered up part of his life force to save his three subordinates, explaining his weakened status. This image is in stark contrast with the "evil incarnate" version of Kaliga, <Kaliga the Unjust>, that we are shown from Kromede's perspective. It is possible that Kromede is a flawed narrator, and that the actual events may have unfolded differently. This theory is fueled by the fact that Kromede's mind is clouded in bloodlust and revenge during the latter half of the instance.
  • Following this, it is possible that <Kaliga the Unjust> (initial run) is a representation of Kaliga from Kromede's perspective, while <Shadow Judge Kaliga> (second run onwards) is fought from the player's perspective, and may be a more faithful representation of his actual character.