According to rumor, there is a potion known to the Shugos that helps people learn Krallic easily. Kunbernerk, the President of Tempest Shipyard, is believed to own some.

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Talk with <Fuchsia> to receive this quest. Now talk with Kunberunerk, who is at the Tempest Shipyard during the day and Dionysia Tavern at night. Speak with Marmeia to finish quest and receive the reward.

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"The Shugos, as you know, speak many languages. This is not entirely due to natural aptitude--they also have an artificial method.
The Shugos brew a particular potion, heavily infused with Aether, which affects the linguistic center of the mind. One dose, it is said, will grant the power to learn a whole new language in minutes. A gift of tongues, if you will.
I do know one Shugo who is likely as any to possess this potion. Would you care to meet him?"

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Fuchsia told you there's a potion which could allow you to master Krallic instantly. She explained that the Shugos possessed such potions, and advised you to talk with Kunberunerk.

Kunberunerk said that Marmeia, the Krall language expert, had the potion and advised you to meet her.

Delighted to have a volunteer willing to test the potion, which hadn’t been tried by a non-Shugo before, Marmeia gave you the potion.

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