Order: Help Lunax by defeating the veteran guard from the Tursin Garrison who have been sending scouts to the Miraju's Holy Ground.

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Basic Reward Edit


Find a group questing in the Tursin Garrison, as these will be elite kills. Kill 5 Veteran Tursin Smackstoppers and Tursin Senior Command Soldiers. Return to Lunax to collect the reward.


Initial DialogueEdit

"Those heathen Krall are plotting something, I know it. They inch closer to the Holy Ground every day since stealing the Icons, and their scouts spy on us constantly.
The Krall are like a disease that afflicts the land itself."
1 "What can we do?"
"I wish I knew what they were up to. There are dark rumors from Sanctum about a Balaur uprising, and you can bet the Krall will have their foul paws in that.
Daeva, I think it's time to take the fight to them--to the heart of the Krall stronghold!"
1 "Yes!"
"The moment is ripe, Daeva. To hesitate is to put all Atreia in danger. Let's hope focusing on reconnaissance has weakened their defenses.
Go to the Tursin Garrison and kill some Veteran Smackstoppers and Tursin Senior Command Soldiers. Hit them so hard that any thoughts of trespassing on our Holy Ground will be banished forever!"
1 "I'll do what must be done."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Ah, there you are. Did you do it? Did you vanquish the Tursin ringleaders?"
1 "Well..."
"The vengeance of Seraphim Lord Kaisinel burns in your eyes, Daeva. You showed them what it means to defile his holy land with their presence.
It's impossible to be happy surrounded by death, even when it is the death of your enemies. The wheels of battle turn, yet I can't see in which direction they're taking us.
But I shouldn't speak of this after you have so bravely averted disaster. <Morai> and I managed to scrounge together these small tokens of our appreciation, please accept them, and our thanks."

Summary Edit

The Krall are threatening Humans by continuing to expand their territory.

Lunax requested that you remove the Krall veteran guards sending scouts to Miraju's Holy Ground. You attacked the Tursin Garrison, but there seems to be no end to the war with the Krall.

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