The Krall are one of many barbaric sapien races found throughout the lands of Atreia. They are strong Balaur followers, who aid in Elysea invasion plans, such as the opening of Abyss Gates.

Characteristics Edit

They are characterized by their overwhelming physical strength for which humans can offer no significant match. This savage race is empowered by a belligerent recklessness, and many neighboring tribes were brought under submission through their fierce conquests, with any survivors being forced to serve the Krall as slaves. The Krall now control a large portion of Elysean lands and continue to make their presence known wherever they go. They have expanded their territory to Gelkmaros, along with Mau, where they fight alongside Balaur patrols in the Vorgaltem Battlefield.

Marmeia is the leading Elyos researcher in Krall studies.

Culture Edit

Although Krall culture is primitive in comparison to that of the Daeva, it is not entirely without structure. Within their military ranks there exists an impressive level of organization, with soldiers ranking from Slave Wardens, to Scouts, Warriors and Shamans. Their success is not only a credit to their thirst for conquest and brute strength, but their intelligence and respect for authority.

The Krall highly respect their religious leaders. The teachings of the High shaman and other religious figures are not to be disputed, even by the most powerful warriors within the ranks.

Fueled by a constant desire for Aetherium, a crystallized form of ancient energy found deep underground, the Krall invest as much man power as they can into excavating the land. This Aetherium is then used to further the Krall Conquest.

The Kobold have become strong allies with the Krall. They are a servile race found in the lands of the Elyos. In their typically beggarly manner they have grown comfortable in their subservient position, eagerly coming to the Krall's aid when prompted. It is not in battle where they are most needed however, but in the Krall mining pits, where hundreds of Kobolds can be found hollowing out the Elysean landscape.

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Trivia Edit

  • Players can use Krall Candy to take on the appearance of a Krall for 10 minutes.
  • Krall do not dare to directly talk to Drakans because of the strong sense of inferiority they feel, therefore they are only expected to talk to Draconutes.