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A Group Kisk outside Sulfur Fortress.

An Alliance Kisk dropped in Morheim Snow Field.

Kisks are constructs purchasable from a general merchant that can be used as a temporary obelisk. There are four types of kisks: Personal Kisks, Group Kisks, Alliance Kisks and Legion Kisks.

Personal Kisks allow only the person who drops them to bind to it, with a total of 3 resurrections within 2 hours.

Group Kisks allow a group of 6 to be registered with a total of 18 resurrections during a 2 hour period and is restricted to members of the person who placed it. The Alliance kisks allows 24 users and a total of 108 resurrections and follows the same rules as the group kisk. Both types of kisks allow the current group or alliance to bind to them as well as future members as long as the person that placed the kisk is still in the group or alliance.

Legion kisks allow 48 legion members to bind with a total of 144 resurrections in a 2 hour period. Only legion members can bind to this type of kisk.

Kisks are targetable and can be destroyed by the opposite faction. To prevent this, most kisks are placed in hard-to-reach locations or placed together with others. During fort raids, the opposite faction sometimes places dummy kisks to confuse or confound the enemy. This prevents the party from being totally helpless after their kisk is destroyed. If a kisk is under attack and/or destroyed, the currently bound characters get a message.

The kisk can also be destroyed before its allotted time limit if all the resurrections are used up.