Kinetic Bulwark
Kinetic Bulwark
Tango mana 22 (46)
Tango activation 0s
Tango cooldown 5m
Tango duration 30s
Class Aethertech
Level 55
Type Active
(Stigma Skill)
Target Self
Kinetic Bulwark
lvl 1
Forms a protective shield that can block up to 50% of damage with a 1000% chance each time 10 is received for up to 30 seconds. (The protective shield remains effective until the total damage becomes 50. Consumes up to 30% in MP of the damage blocked.) While the protective shield is effective, shock resistance value increases by 300, and Magic Resist by 280.
Stigma Skill
Cast Time
Usage Cost
MP 22 (46)

Kinetic Bulwark forms a shield around the caster for 30s. During that time, part of the damage absorbed consumes part of the caster's MP. While the shield is active, the caster's resistances are also increased.

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