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 Lord Killios was one of Empyrean Lord Kaisinel's agents and the captain of the Elyos battleship Eulos. A rational thinker and level-headed figure, he was person of great importance both in the Elyos army and in the Kaisinel's Wings legion, to whom he served as one its four commanders.


Killios makes his first appearance in 3.0, throughout which he assists the player with gear, advice, and tips on how to proceed in the new land of Sarpan. Thanks to these tips the player was able to make a good first impression on the Reians and gain their trust, which would prove essential later on. He also advised the player in his/her dealings with Lephar.

During the Upheaval he deployed the Eulos to take as many people onboard as possible, saving the lives of countless civilians and Daevas. As a result many familiar faces from 3.0/4.0, such as Garnon, survived the catastrophe and can now be found throughout of Cygnea/Enshar

In 4.9 Killios joins the player with the Kaisinel's Wing legion for their joint attack on Beritra. Despite his combat prowess he is mortally wounded in the fight against Orissan, who deals him a fatal blow before succumbing himself. Realizing he won't make it, he entrusts the player both with his personal weapon and with his mission. When all seems lost in the ensuing fight against a much stronger Beritra, Killios' spirit appears and infuses itself with the player's weapon, allowing him/her to overpower the Dragon Lord at long last. While the remaining members of the Kaisinel's Wing legion rush back to report the victory to their lord, they instead only find his lifeless body.

Kaisinel mourns the passing of his agent but offers the player the chance to honor his memory by taking his place as one of the Lord's personal agents. The player can then opt to accept this offer, which starts the Level 65 Daevanion gear quest.

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