Mires wants you to catch the Striped Kerubs that are threatening farms throughout the Akarios Plains.

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Speak to Mires to obtain quest. Kill three Striped Kerub, and report back to Mires to get the reward.

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"Now, let's get started.
Your first job involves the Striped Kerubs. One of the farmers here, <Ager>, has lost his farm to them already, and now they've moved into the nearby fields.
If we don't act fast, Poeta risks losing the majority of this season's harvest.
1 "And no harvest, no food?"
My more experienced soldiers have already left to take care of the problems out by Cliona Lake. So what I need you to do, [Player Name], is hunt some Striped Kerubs for me.
They shouldn't be too hard to put down. They're weakest of their tribe, and end up running away about as frequently as most Asmodians."

Accept Edit

You'll find Striped Kerubs all around here, but you'll need to get a move on or else the crops will be ruined before the harvest.
Remember, these are your proving grounds, [Player Name]. You fail these first few jobs, you can kiss your mercenary career goodbye."
X "Here goes nothing!"

Decline Edit

"What? You're refusing a job?!
Well, there are plenty of others waiting to fill your shoes. Get out of here--I've important work to do."
X "Suit yourself."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Back already, [Player Name]?
So, have you done the work I gave you?"
1 "Killed them, just as you asked."
"Nice work! Maybe Elpas was right to recommend you after all.
Here's your Kinah. Don't spend it all at once."


Mires told you to get rid of the Striped Kerubs that were ransacking farms all over the Akarios Plains and you succeeded.

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