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Kazmonerk is a Shugo working at the Outer Dock. He used to run a business in Asmodae and had to leave his wife there when he was sent to Sanctum by the Black Cloud Traders. He misses her terribly.

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"Kazmonerk must apologize, is thinking mostly of his wife.
Black Cloud Traders operate in many ports. All the same, except for here.
Someday, when we are together again... there is a hole in my cube without her."
1 "Where is your wife?"
X "Farewell."
"She is... far. Far away. Kazmonerk cannot say more, it is forbidden.
This is Sanctum. Trouble comes from that place...
Separation. Duty and service. this is the life of the Black Cloud Traders. If things were different..."
X "I think I understand."
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