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Karnifs have been attacking people passing through the forest. Clean up the Karnifs near the road to help Olenja, who is busy watching the MuMu.

Quest Information[]


Kill <Needletail Karnif> (0/10)

Basic Reward[]


Kill ten Needletail Karnifs near the road in the Moslan Forest and return to Olenja for the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I'll be honest. This was not my first choice of duty assignments. That said, it's not so bad.
Things are slow and peaceful and the MuMu keep to themselves. I don't even see much of Commander Suthran--thank goodness for small blessings.
If not for the Karnifs, nothing would even happen here. They're enough to keep us busy, though, sad to say."
1.png "What's going on."
"Oh, they used to live deep in the forest, but something must have happened to drive them out. Lately they prowl the road, attacking everyone!
We often hunt them while watching the MuMu, but the attacks are escalating. They may be too much for just us.
"If you could assist us, [Player Name], it would really help."


If you defeat 10 Needletail Karnif, the rest will get scared and run away.
We're counting on you."
X.png "The task is mine."


"What? Not your problem?
I guess I understand, but I'm afraid that there will be more victims.
If you can spare some time, please help us."
X.png "Maybe later."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Did you encounter the Needletail Karnifs?
They can be quite ferocious. Did they injure you?"
1.png "Nothing I couldn't handle."
"Great! You defeated 10 Needletail Karnifs.
They usually only attack the weak, [Player Name]--I don't think we'll have any more problems.
Thank you."


Olenja was worried that the Karnifs, which used to live deep in the forest, have come out to the road to attack people.

You defeated Karnifs for Olenja. She was very happy to hear the news and thanked you.