Aion Cutscenes - Kamar Battlefield (Instance)

Aion Cutscenes - Kamar Battlefield (Instance)

The Destruction of Kamar

Kamar Battlefield is a 12v12 battleground instance for alliances conformed of Daevas between level 76 and 80. Introduced in the 4.0 update, Elyos and Asmodians and the invading Balaur fight each other amidst the destroyed remains of the once glorious Reian capital city. Points are obtained by defeating enemies and aiding their allies, the Reian survivors.

Background Edit

Kamar once was the very symbol of the Reians' many triumphs over countless obstacles, but following Kahrun’s disappearance at the start of the 4.0 update that inevitably changed. Kahrun’s Will was all that kept the local Elyos and Asmodians from jumping at each other’s throats, and with it gone the situation quickly turned dire. Even as the focus was shifted to the newly discovered region of Katalam, both factions left behind a temporary commander in Kamar in order to eliminate the other and take over power completely if given a chance. The Reians, and even <Garnon> herself were powerless against this hostility.

Beritra chose this moment to dispatch a Dredgion, driven by the highly skilled Varga Legion, to the tumultuous city. The internal strifes between the Elyos, Asmodians and Reians were enough to hide the approaching doom. Under the command of <General Varga>, the Balaur hit Kamar by surprise and sacked the city. With its peace long broken, Kamar is now laid waste. This is the battlefield Daevas now find themselves in.

Walkthrough Edit

KBF map

Kamar Battlefield map

Being a battleground, it will be limited by time and the amount of points acquired by both teams. The instance gives 30 minutes to be completed, and will end when the countdown finishes. A team may put an end to it before that if the difference between the points collected by its own team is greater than 20,000. Points can be acquired by defeating the opposing faction (killing the top ranked faction will give more points to the losing team), freeing Reians and slaying Balaur and their supplies.

Upon entering, one random team will be sent to the Kamar Entrance in Spero Residential Parish, and the opposite will be sent to the Griffoen Boarding Site. There, players are given 2 minutes to set up the alliance. After 1 minute, the second group of the alliance in the Kamar Entrance will be teleported to the other entrance on the other side of the map in Lamina Bazaar. The second group of the team in the boarding site will be teleported to the Habrok Boarding Site. When the two alliances are separated into four groups and time finishes, the battle will begin.

As soon as someone enters the spawn point, one should interact with the Reian Guardian Statue, awarding a small amount of points, claiming it into a Elyos Guardian Statue or a Asmodian Archon Statue. Much like Kamar, the area features several small rooms, which should be cleared in order to achieve a good amount of points (the entrances are barricaded with small spikes, preventing additional enemies from exiting or entering the room). They include the Jotun Research Library and Drana Research Library in Peace Square; Elyos Armory, Asmodian Armory, Kahrun Guard Headquarters and Siel's Spear Headquarters in Lamina Bazaar; Bivarus Tavern and the stores in Spero Residential Parish and Kamena Developement Zone. Other than those, other bigger chambers will also be required to be examined and cleared; Sarpan Capitol, Siel's Temple and Kamar Dungeon Entrance.

K Mobile cannons

Elyos (green) & Asmodian (blue) Cannons

Each of those rooms may hold Varga legionaries, <Fuel Barrel> and <Reian Prisoners>. On special occasions, <Garnon> or a legionary - they are Fatebound Legion Centurions (Asmodian) or Hushblade Legion Centurions (Elyos) which can be saved or killed depending on the team's faction). They yield a higher amount of points than the regular refugees. A <Fuel Barrel> will reward 75 points and drop Purple bead <Kamar Siege Cannonballs> and Ink <Siege's Power>, both required to use the cannons which will spawn across the instance.

Events Edit

All events in the instance are based on the time elapsed. Every event is announced as a global pop-up message.

  • After 5 minutes (25 minutes left), Teleport Statues will spawn. They will appear in the spawn points, and when used will teleport to the player to the front of Peace Square. There will be additional teleport statues in Kamena Development Zone, Kahrun Guard Headquarters and Siel's Spear Headquarters, which will transport its users to the same location.
  • After 10 minutes (20 minutes left), <Reian Tribe Supplies> will spawn on the four corners of Peace Square. These gigantic boxes will drop a variety of consumables; Bomb <Handmade Explosive> (inflicting massive damage on nearby enemies), Fresh Liconsis <Kamar Herbal Remedy> (restoring HP), Savory food <The Kamar Special> (raising offensive stats) and Vinegar <Steelskin Elixir> (making the user invulnerable to damage for a limited time).
    K Varga Deps

    General Varga and Deputies

  • After around 15 minutes (15 minutes left), a message will alert players a Dredgion has appeared. After 1 minute, it will deploy a high amount of troops across the instance. These soldiers will reward slightly more points after being killed as well as sometimes dropping Bomb <Handmade Explosives>. They will spawn in spots, mostly blocking easy access through paths.
  • After around 20 minutes (10 minutes left), <General Varga> will spawn. He will appear along two other deputies. His location is random out of three locations: Sarpan Capitol, Siel's Temple and Kamar Dungeon Entrance. The other two spots will be assigned to his deputies. Unlike other instances, defeating him will not end the instance. When he is attacked, all players will be alerted. He possesses a variety of AoE attacks. Whoever defeats him will receive 3,500 points.
    K Reinf

    Elyos (green) & Asmodian (blue) Reinforcements

  • After around 25 minutes (5 minutes left), Elyos and Asmodians reinforcements will spawn. Along with them, <Acting Commander Tepes> (Asmodian) and <Acting Commander Crispin> (Elyos) will spawn, guarded by two of them. These lieutenants lead the force, waiting along a set of guards. If the opposing faction defeats a team's lieutenant, the attacker will gain 4,500 points, but will also cause the defeated faction to lose the same amount. Being a very relevant event, if a commander is attacked, their state is broadcasted to everyone in the instance.

When the instance ends, both teams will automatically receive their respective rewards, and may then leave the instance.

Rewards Edit

In order to obtain any rewards, a team must have first accumulated at least 10,000 points. Otherwise, they will leave empty-handed.

Winning Team Edit

Losing Team Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This instance shares the exact same design with the actual Kamar, but featuring a destroyed style. Across the area, players will find the same NPCs they would find in the actual city, but most of them injured and seeking for help.
  • <Wine Glass>, found in Bivarus Tavern will drop Juice <Kamar Concoction>, a consumable which raises recovering speed.
  • As a measure to avoid players entering the other team's spawn point, if one goes too near the Guardian Statue, the player will be instantly killed.
  • Even after 4.8, this instance still remained accessible, even though Sarpan was completely destroyed.
  • The instance originally catered players between level 61 and 65. As of 5.0 the cap was upped to 75, but 5.1 limited access to Archdaeva players.
  • The instance was disabled after 6.0, but was reintroduced as part of 7.0 with djusted entry levels and rewards.
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