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Kaluva the Fourth Fragment

Kaluva is the second boss encountered in the Abyssal Splinter in Kaluva's Nest, acting as the second protector guarding the Artifact of Protection. This gigantic arachna is known for its ability to swiftly trap its enemies within cocoons.

Players will confront it as Kaluva the Fourth Fragment in Abyssal Splinter and Unstable Kaluva the Fourth in Unstable Abyssal Splinter.

After being killed, in order to proceed further, players must loot the <Abyssal Fragment> from the chests which appear to open the locked door leading to the The Crystal Mezzanine.


During the Cataclysm, an arachna mother got hit by a loose piece of the Tower of Eternity, but adapted it to its body. As she gave birth to its children, her tower piece fragmented, affecting the body of her offspring like hers. Four known powerful beings surged. Her 4th child grew enough to devour its siblings and mother, granting its body an immense strength.


Across the fight, Kaluva will slow movement speed, root and stun targets within range, as well as change targets quite frequently. Nonetheless, what they should all watch out for is Constricting Webs <Constricting Webs>, which will imprison a player into a cocoon, which will have to be destroyed as fast as possible. If a small group takes too long, more than group member might also cause the fight to be harder. Players opt to appoint all members as Vice Captains so as to, provided they get caught in webs, they may use the /Alert command to alert others of their state.

Furthermore, players should take notice of the four eggs on the corners of the cave. Ignored through most of the fight, they must be the main target when Kaluva utilises Maternal Instinct <Maternal Instinct> (making it invulnerable to all attacks). During that time, the eggs become more vulnerable to damage, prominent to be destroyed with a few attacks. If not defeated on time, the eggs will hatch, spawning additional monsters, such as a clone of itself or several small spiders.



Kaluva the Fourth Fragment[]

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