Meet Captain Kalio of the Kalion Mercenaries and receive the Akarios missions. The Captain is standing at the entrance of Nobelium.

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Enter town to unlock this campaign quest. Report to Mercenary Captain Kalio. This opens up 4 more campaign quests to complete. The new campaign quests are scattered throughout Poeta and are of varying difficulties.

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"Good, you're here. I trust you've come to grips with mercenary life by now, [Player Name].
The other mercenaries can guard the village and keep an eye on the local Sapiens for now. I called you here because you've caught my eye.
I've something of a test for you to complete. Now's your chance to shine."
1 "What kind of test?"
"I have some contracts from the villagers, and I'd like you to complete some jobs for me.
Here are your first four contracts. There's a fifth, but it's risky, and I'll only give it to you when you've completed the rest. If you can't manage the first four, there's no chance you'll be able to get through that last one.
I'd suggest you start with the easier ones to find your bearings and get yourself used to the local flora and fauna. Faith and arms, [Player Class]."


You've received the Akarios missions from Captain Kalio.

He said you could only get the fifth contract if you complete the first four missions.

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