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Kalio is the Captain of the Kalio Mercenaries, who stands in front of the Nobelium in Akarios Village in Poeta. He is broad-minded and generous, and organized the Mercenaries.

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"Working hard I trust, [Player Name]. Every mercenary in the unit must earn their Kinah.
If I find a troublemaker or skulker, I'll not hesitate to remove them."
1 "Everyone must pull their weight."
X "I have work to do."
"There is one rule in this unit--success, regardless of cost.
Reputation is everything for us. I will not watch the good name of the Kalion Mercenaries suffer because of a few egg-hatchers.
You've made a great start to your career--carry on like this and you'll make more money than you could possibly spend."
X "Thank you, Captain."
With quests
"Faith and arms, mercenary."

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