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Kaisinel, Lord of Illusion

Kaisinel, known as the Lord of Illusion, is one of the Empyrean Lords. He is a follower of Ariel, and after the Cataclysm became a Seraphim Lord.


He is gloomy and reticent, and symbolized by illusion, fear, and the Spiritmaster class.

He has the ability to mold Aether into any shape he chooses, and some suspect that he even has the power to summon or create items.


During the early days of the Abyss War, Kaisinel was insulted by Lumiel from Pandaemonium, and he has been waiting for the day he can take his revenge.

Advance on Balaurea

At the start of Aion 2.0 Ariel, while asking her subordinate how is the fight is going in Tiamaranta, reveals that Kaisinel is the commander of the Sanctum Expeditionary Force and that his mission is to destroy Tiamat. However, according to Vaizel's reports, he is having a difficult time not just because of the Balaur, but also because of the Asmodians and Marchutan.

Kaisinel's first appearance is during the Sarpan campaign (Aion 3.0), where his silhouette orders the player to assist Kahrun in a bid to keep him away from Siel's Relics. He appears in person in the battle against Tiamat, where he saves the player because they refused to yield to the Dragon Lord even in the face of death. After the player neutralizes Tiamat's control over Siel's Relics the Dragon Lord becomes weakened, allowing Kaisinel to overpower her and ultimately slay her with his special attack.

After the destruction of Israphel and Siel's Relics Kaisinel turns his attention to Katalam, which had just come under attack from Dragon Lord Beritra's forces. In order to lure out Beritra and discovers his intentions he takes the player, who is currently unconscious from the aftermath of an Asmodian attack, and puts them in a state of suspended animation for six months. During this time Kaisinel and his agents reprogram the player's brain with magic, making him/her extremely gullible and agreeable which should serve as the perfect bait for Beritra. After this plan failed the player confronts Kaisinel, but the Lord refuses to lift the magic or even apologize.

In Aion 4.8 it is revealed that Kaisinel went missing during the Upheaval. A sidequest later reveals that the Lord is still alive, but "probably overexerted himself" during the catastrophe. At this time he is residing in a special realm in which he is slowly recovering his energy.

In Aion 4.9 Kaisinel summons the player to the realm in which he now resides. This time however his personality is in contrast with before, as he actually acknowledges the player's efforts and skills. He gives the player his personal seal and appoints them as the temporary commander of his Kaisinel's Wings Legion, ordering them to lead the legion in the charge against Beritra in the Drakenspire Depths. After Kaisinel later hears about the player's prowess in battle, as well as the way in which he/she honored Killios, Kaisinal expresses his gratitude to the player for the first time. In the aftermath of these events one of his agents remarks that this was the first time she had ever seen the Lord trust someone else, let alone express his gratitude, and suggests that the player may have a positive influence on the Lord.


  • Throughout Aion 4.0-4.7 Kaisinel could be seen and freely talked to in-game in the secret chamber in the back of Kaisinel's Beacon in Katalam. This feature was unlocked after the player had finished the campaign quest line for this map.
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