Order: Someone has been abducted by the Kaidan Krall. Go to <Malonimus> for your orders.

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After talking to Malonimus in Eltnen Fortress, go to Novan Crossing and talk to Taera. It is best to be in a group, as the next part has elite NPCs. After talking to her, you are transported above Hierni. Talk to her, then kill the nearby <Kaidan Bigmouth> to get the Key. Everyone in the group needs to be close to Hierni to get the update. Talk to the Gardugu in the next cage, then go to Mabangtah's Hideout and talk to Mabangtah. Finally, return to Eltnen Fortress to talk to Telemachus to collect the reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name]. There's no time for casual talk. We're facing an emergency."
1 "An emergency?"
"Yes. Taera contacted us just moments ago, and it appears a Human woman named Hierni has been kidnapped. You're the finest [Player Class] available, so I'm tasking you with getting her back.
Travel to the Outpost Ruins and speak with Taera right away. She'll give you any details that are pertinent to the mission at hand, and tell you exactly who this Hierni woman is.
Faith and arms, [Player Name]. Move out!"
1 "Faith and arms, Centurion!"

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Malonimus sent a lone [Player Class]? He would sooner risk having two bodies to recover then?
Listen closely Daeva. Hierni is Human, true enough, but unlike any Human I have met. Her capacity for learning is unsurpassed, her geological knowledge is remarkable and she learned the Krallic tongue in a matter of months.
It was a combination of these two passions of hers that landed her in trouble, actually. We believe the Krall are using her to pinpoint mineral veins throughout Eltnen."
1 "She should be alive then. Do you know where she is?"
"She was last seen near the Outpost Ruins, being dragged off to the Kaidan Mines. If she is being forced to find rare metals for the Krall, the mines would certainly make sense.
Hurry, friend. Hierni may be safe for now, but she had been travelling[sic] with a group of Krall, followers of a huge creature named Mabangtah. If any of Mabangtah's Krall are still alive, then you should rescue them too!
He and his followers are currently friendly towards us, but should any of his men end up killed then the whole region could turn into a bloodbath. Go!"
1 "I'll see what I can find." (transported to Kaidan Mine)
"Hello! Hello hello!
Please, please be real! Please don't let this be another hallucination! I felt certain I'd die in this place, but...but here you are!
Quick, you have to get me out of here! My cell is locked, but there is a Sentry's Key on one of the Krall here. Kill him and unlock the door for me! And Gardugu! Gardugu needs saving too! He's one of Mabangtah's men!"
1 "All right, but keep quiet!"
"You're back! Do you have the key??"
1 "Yes, one moment."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You can't open the door without a key, Daeva!
Hurry, find the sentry with the Sentry's Key, kill him, and get me out of this place! Oh, and don't forget about Gardugu!"
X "I'll be back shortly."
"White wing no closer!
Krall see white wing, Krall kill white wing! White wing run! White wing go!<"
1 "I'm here to rescue you! Rescue, do you understand?"
"Gardugu understand! White wing not understand!
Gardugu escape, Mabangtah in danger. Gardugu stay, Mabangtah safe. Mabangtah leader, Gardugu follower. Gardugu stay. White wing see?"
1 "Well...I think so. Who is Mabangtah?"
"Mabangtah once Kaidan Krall Elder. Mabangtah challenged by Saendukal, Mabangtah lose to Saendukal.
But Saendukal not like Mabangtah. Mabangtah proud Krall. Saendukal scared Krall. Mabangtah want Krall stay alone, Saendukal want Krall ally to Balaur. Mabangtah not like Saendukal.
White wing see? White wing take give to Mabangtah. Then Mabangtah know Gardugu safe. White wing go now to Mabangtah's Hideout."
1 "Very well. Stay safe."
"Yes white wing? Mabangtah happy to see white wing in Mabangtah camp. Mabangtah friend of white wing.
Mabangtah help white wing?"
1 "I have this ring for you. Gardugu has been captured."
"Gardugu ring. Krrrrrr.
Mabangtah heard of Gardugu capture. Saendukal traitor to Krall cause, but many stay with Saendukal. Mabangtah has few followers. Saendukal has many."
1 "Why is that?"
"Saendukal promises much to Saendukal followers. But Mabangtah see Saendukal ways. Saendukal not free, Saendukal just slave to Balaur. Mabangtah slave to none. Mabangtah proud. Mabangtah strong. Mabangtah Krall.
Mabangtah leave Saendukal. Mabangtah turn to white wing. Mabangtah and white wing work together. Mabangtah and white wing kill Saendukal.
Mabangtah has letter for white wing General. Telemachus. White wing take for Mabangtah."
1 "It would be my pleasure."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah, [Player Name].
I hear Centurion Malonimus sent you to rescue Hierni. Malonimus has a fine eye for potential, and being chosen by him for such a delicate task is a compliment indeed.
I trust his faith was not misplaced? I trust you were able to rescue the Human?"
1 "I was, General. Furthermore, I have this letter for you."
"This writing...was this done by a chil...oh, I see. Mabangtah.
It seems the Krall have usurped their former elder, and Mabangtah now turns to us for help. Shame, they were the only peaceful Krall tribe that I had heard of, and now they have slipped from their noble perch.
Still, it seems you performed your tasks admirably. Hierni has been rescued, and you opened diplomatic paths to Mabangtah and his subordinates. Excellent work, [Player Class]. You are dismissed!"

Summary Edit

Malonimus told you that a Human named Hierni had been abducted by the Kaidan Krall. He ordered you to see Taera, a lone Sentinel guarding the Outpost Ruins, listen to the details of the abduction, and rescue Hierni. You travelled to the Kaidan Mine and successfully rescued the Human, though she asked you to save one of Mabangtah's Krall, a creature named Gardugu, at the same time.

You found Gardugu, and offered to rescue him. However, he refused, claiming that his escape would only endanger Elder Mabangtah. He handed you a ring instead, and asked you to deliver it to the Krall chief for him. You then went to Mabangtah, who asked you to deliver a letter to the General Telemachus stating that he intended to cooperate with the Elyos. You delivered the letter to Telemachus, and received his heartfelt thanks for your efforts.

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