Kinot said that blue and dark green dyes were so popular that he ran out of the materials for them. Get the dye materials for him.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Sylphen Blue Iris> (0/10)
<Green Vespine Sap> (0/10)
<Tecoma Log> (0/15)

Basic Reward Edit

Optional RewardEdit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest you need to gather the items as follows

Tecoma Logs - gathered in Altgard.
Green Vespine Sap - from Poison Wing Vespine found in Polluted Waste in Brusthonin.
Sylphen's Blue Iris - from Sunset Wing Sylphen found in Patamor Ridge Path in Moreheim.

Once you have gathered all the items, return to Kinot.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Nobody ever chooses armor for its beauty. It's all about functionality.
Only a preening Elyos would ever keep a useless piece of armor just because they like the way it looks!"
1 "Ha! Those Elyos."
"Of course even most Asmodians care a little about looks--it's Human nature.
So that's why we have dyes. Don't like a color? Change it instantly!
Zowie! You're a fashion superstar!"
1 "Me?"
"Let me give you a hot fashion tip--blue and green are in this month.
Really, really in. I keep selling out.
If someone like you could help me get the materials, it'd help me out a lot."

Accept Edit

"You can get blue pigment from the iris of the Sunset Sylphens .
The dark green pigment is from the Poison Wing Vespine's sap.
And I'll need some Tecoma Logs to process the pigments."
X "The task is mine."

Decline Edit

"Do you have something against the colors green and blue?
You think that if I run out of those dyes people will stop wearing those colors?"
X "That's not what I said."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Natural dyes are much more vivid than artificial ones, and more environmentally sound."
1 "Here are the dyes."
"Well, thank you! This should keep me stocked up for a while longer.
Here, take some dye as payment. Just pour the dye on your armor, rub it in, and let it sit for a bit.
Without items
"Oh, this isn't what I asked for. I'm not going to dye anything blue or green with this.
In fact, I'm not really sure how you expect me to turn this into dye at all."
X "It was just a thought."

Summary Edit

Kinot, a expert in dyes, said that the blue and dark green dyes had nearly sold out.

He didn't want to disappoint his customers, so when you collected the dye materials, he thanked you and gave you a dye as a reward.

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