Jotun are mechanical giants crafted by Aion himself. The Dragonbound have only infiltrated a short way into the Jotun Studio but there are far more dangerous threats beyond here. The Jotun and their creations relentlessly guard their workshop. They were Aion's reaction to the Balaur threat. However, only a few of them survived the past hundreds of years. The ones who survived still serve Aion and act as if the Cataclysm never happened.

Workshops Edit

  • Debilkarim's Forge: This was the first Jotun workshop that was discovered; first by the Dragonbound, and soon after by the Daevas. It is located underneath the Lower Udas Temple. In here it was learned that the chakras (such as <Silver Blade Rotan>) and many types of golems (Nagolems, Kalgolems, Mugolems) encountered by the player are Jotun constructs.
  • Jotun Square (Silentera Canyon): The second workshop was discovered in the underground corridor connecting Inggison and Gelkmaros.
  • Jotari Sanctuary Ruins (Sarpan): What was arguably the largest surviving Jotun workshop to date was discovered underneath the sands of Sarpan. Kahrun's Will had no effect here. In the new campaign questline the player briefly visits this place.
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