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Get rid of the cursed pirates on the Carobian Coast.

Quest Information[]


Kranuum Pirate (0/10)
Krahumus Pirate (0/20)
  • Talk with Jackdaw.

Basic Reward[]


The pirates to defeat are located mostly along the shoreline. Kill the required 30 and return to Jackdaw. Completing this quest 10 times opens up the Tango quest icon.png <Captain's Hat> [48] quest.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Tha's me ship, Daevie! That beauty anchored far out thar. Fer I be the Captain o' the Black Opal!
She's a great, grand gal. Me hand on her wheel, compass guidin' our way...
She and I were an item. Together fore'er."
1.png "But you're not together..."
"Aye, that's a problem, ain't it? Me crew is ta blame fer me sad, sad predicament. Me straight, steady hand and vast knowledge guided the Black Opal to the shore of the greatest booty Ateria had e'er seen. Then those greasy, greedy bilge rats conspired a mutiny. They abandoned me on a dusty, deserted island and took away me ship and all the treasure!
Ol' Jackdaw ain't without his tricks, though! I followed 'em all the way here, but then...
Somethin' went wrong fer 'em, Daevie. Me crew was once the finest bunch o' sailors you'd e'er lay eyes on. But look at those miserable curs now! Marchutan's cursed 'em into monsters. Little good me ship or me treasure does 'em now."
1.png "So..."
"Blast! Yer a talky one, Daevie! You be thinkin' old Jackdaw wants vengeance, don't you? Well, that ain't it at all. Sure'n, seen' some of them thar Kranuum Pirates and Krahumus Pirates laid out ta rest would warm an ol' cap'n's heart.
But killin' 'em be a kindness to 'em--cursed as they are. 'Sides, they still won't let me come near me ship.
Would you be willing to do an ol' pirate a kindness, Daevie? This ol' cap'n can't bring hisself ta puttin' down these curs, e'en cursed as they are. Ya see, I kin still see the tortured souls of me shipmates in their eyes."


"There be quite a few Kranuum Pirates and Krahumus Pirates all along this Carobian Coast.
Thin out a handful of 'em, and ol' Cap'n Jackdaw...and their e'erlastin' souls will rest a might easier tonight."
X.png "Consider it done."


"I'm not denyin' in, Daevie. But e'en so, they're a wee bit o' a hazard here on the coast.
Think it o'er a bit, and come back ta me should ya have a change o' heart."
X.png "Yarr...I mean...sure."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Tendin' to me fire--seems the only thing holdin' 'em back from killin' me.
Welcome back, Daevie. What of them thar Kranuum Pirates and Krahumus Pirates?"
1.png "I killed quite a few."
"Yarr, thank ye. There still be plenty swarming about. Seems the curse be resurrecting 'em!
I'll not be leavin' here for the time bein'. Lookin' at 'em risin' o'er and o'er again...I'm thinkin' I may be needin' yer favors again, Daevie."


Jackdaw asked you to get rid of his now-cursed crew who mutinied and took away his ship and treasures.

You came back after killing Krannum Pirates and Kruhumus Pirates on the Carobian Coast.

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