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Israphel, Lord of Space

Israphel, known as the Lord of Space, is one of the Empyrean Lords who died during the Cataclysm. But still he survives, and the truth of what happened is murky with retelling, suspicion and blame.

Character Edit

Israphel saw himself as noble and pure like Siel, but was secretly consumed with jealousy and ambition. He is symbolized by space, and the direction West. 

History Edit

The Lords of the four cardinal directions were the leaders of the twelve Empyrean Lords, and they were always known to be noble and pure. However, Israphel began to harbor a desire for greater power, and feelings of jealousy toward Siel. Eventually these feelings led to his corruption.

Israphel called for peace with the Balaur toward the end of the Millennium War. This led to the Cataclysm.

He apparently gave his life alongside with Siel to stabilize the Aetheric Field enough so that the shattering of the Tower would not cause the whole globe to scatter out into space.

Israphel's True Face Edit

Israphel first appears at the end of the player's legacy quest, where he destroys the artifact in Karamatis/Ataxiar before the player can learn of his treacherous past (Elyos) or extracts Beritra's dark energy from the player's body before he/she is completely taken over by it (Asmodian). During this time he reveals himself to the player as Lephar, leader of the Lepharist Revolutionaries, and offers the player a chance to join him.

Israphel appears again at the start of Aion 3.0. While the Elyos and Asmodian forces invade Tiamaranta he visits Tiamat, who then identifies him as Israphel after he tells her to relinquish control over Siel's Relics. Israphel claims that Siel's Relics are not meant for Tiamat and provokes Tiamat into attacking both the Elyos/Asmodians. While he seems to assist the player in the ensuing search for the Reian protector Oriata, his true motivations remain unknown at this time. After Tiamat is killed by Marchutan/Kaisinel he seizes his chance, appearing and immobilizing everyone as he steals Siel's Relics.

Unbeknownst to Israphel, however, the relics emit and leave behind faint traces of Ide. Thanks to these, and with the help of Garnon, the player eventually manages to track down Israphel to his hideout where he reveals his mad plan. He claims to have seen "where so many voices have led us" and wants to go back in time to the former Atreia, before the arrival of the Balaur. For this he needs to combine his power with that of Siel. The only problem is that his plan will result in him becoming the eternal dictator of Atreia. The player tries to stop him but Israphel, especially now that his power has been combined with Siel's, is unstoppable. Just when all hope seems lost, Siel's Ghost appears and states that everything that has happened so far is in accordance to Aion's will. A massive light envelops the area, and after that Israphel and Siel's relics are nowhere to be seen. Since Kahrun and Marchutan/Kaisinel no longer detect the Relics or Israphel they are presumed to have been destroyed. 

Echoes of Eternity Edit

In Aion 5.0, the scrolls found in the Archives of Eternity confirm that Israphel had found a solution to end the Millennium War. As he wandered within the Tower he one day discovered a hidden space and in it a powerful artifact. At this point corruption, madness and jealously took a hold of his mind. He conjured a plan to eliminate everyone -- the Balaur, his fellow Empyrean Lords and the Archdaeva all at once -- and become the one true ruler of Atreia for all eternity.  

When the fighting broke out at the Tower, he simply rushed to activate this artifact. Fregion however had been wary of Israphel from the beginning and followed him, intercepting him before he could activate the artifact. Israphel was quickly overpowered and the Tower started to collapse as Fregion destroyed the artifact with a devastating attack. Instead of aiding Siel with restoring the aetheric field Israphel simply vanished, seeing "no purpose in sacrificing himself". He laid low for a thousand years and slowly forged a new approach to his plan as he started to operate under the guise of Lephar and founded the Lepharist Revolutionaries.  

Aion Cutscene - The Truth Revealed

Aion Cutscene - The Truth Revealed

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