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Isbariya the Resolute

Isbariya the Resolute is a powerful Balaur mage, following Tiamat's direct order of maintaining the seal in the deepest parts of the Beshmundir Temple. He is the pre last boss of the instance, encountered in the Ritual Chamber.

Players must take him down in other to access the final boss. Once defeated, players may activate the Rift Orb, activating a portal they can use to be teleported to the Ice Prison where <Stormwing> awaits.

History Edit

When Stormwing rose against Tiamat, he gathered forces to oppose her. Unfortunately for Stormwing, although he was strong enough to defy a Dragon Lord, he was not a challenge for her. Tiamat, aware of the menace Stormwing stands, decided to seal him away.

Imprisoned in the Ice Prison, a fragmented space connected to the Beshmundir Temple, the single inmate awaits for someone to free him and lay his wrath on every enemy who steps on his way. The Laksyaka legion was tasked to guard him, preventing any of its followers to do so. However, the seal, although protected by Isbariya, has to be renewed through a specific ritual involving Drana.

While transporting supplies for this ritual, Daevas gain interest on the secrets within the temple. As they infiltrated this mysterious chamber, they confront Isbariya himself. The guard's last words were a warning, letting Daevas know that the powerful being might soon be left free, igniting a killing spree, leaving in waste the ground behind him.

Strategy Edit

This fight might present a challenge. Isbariya has several complex skills and rotations which may easily mess up with a group. This fight can be divided into four phases, identified by the boss' HP percentage.

During the first phase, Isbariya will mostly auto attack. However, players must watch out for two attacks; Arcane Combustion <Arcane Combustion> and Seething Explosion <Seething Explosion>. As they are being casted, it is imperative for party members to stop focusing on the boss and switch target to the appropriate Artifact. Attacking it once will grant all nearby targets with a buff, drastically decreasing the high amount of damage inflicted by both attacks. If Isbariya is seen casting Arcane Combustion <Arcane Combustion>, players should attack the Magic Artifact (red coloured). Instead, if he casts Seething Explosion <Seething Explosion>, players must switch to Divine Artifact (blue coloured).

Nearing 75%, Isbariya will change to the second phase. A random group member will be transformed into a spirit, allowing it to locate and slay the additional souls summoned by the boss. As they spawn below the before the stairs, the souls must be auto attacked, preventing them from reaching the mage. Provided they reach him, Isbariya will receive a shield buff and be healed, making it very important to deal with the spirits. In addition to this skill, Isbariya may continue using skills from its previous phase. While being in the spirit form, the player is not immune to the boss' attacks, requiring it to pay attention to the seal guard as well.

At 50%, he will begin using Tiamat&#039;s Chaos <Tiamat's Chaos>, spawning several wind servants, which will inflict a considerable damage if too many attack at the same time. The bast strategy is to kite these around. Like other monsters, they respond to aggro. They will continually switch targets depending on damage dealt to the boss and heals performed, making it especially dangerous for healers. Like in previous phases, the attacks from phase one might still continue. This part of the encounter is chaotic, making it advisable to finish it before everyone receives too much damage.

The final phase commences when the boss reaches 25%. The wind servants will despawn, being replaced with healing servants which will continuously drain MP from group members, while still having to deal with Isbariya's first phase attacks. Before running out of MP, players should end the encounter as soon as possible.

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