Iron Wall Warfront, also known as Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield, is a battleground instance for alliances conformed of 48 players from both factions between level 61 and 75. Introduced in 4.5, this battleground would act as a "capture the base" challenge, whether it was from the Balaur or the opposing faction.

This instance shares a similar background landscape to the PvE-version, The Eternal Bastion.

Background Edit

After the continuous battles for The Eternal Bastion against Elyos and Asmodians, the Balaur's assault leader Grand Commander Pashid noticed his own weakening as well as his forces. Unfortunately for them, Daevas noticed this state and decided to take the chance to reclaim the bulwark.

An extensive three-way battle begins, as Daevas will have to fight the opposing faction, while efficiently finding a way into the fortress and put an end to the Balaur's high general before he recovers his full force.

Walkthough Edit

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Prizes Edit

Winning Team Edit

Losing Team Edit

  • Ap 2,450 Abyss Points (plus contribution)
  • GP1 60 GP

Trivia Edit

  • After its release, the instance remained capped for players between level 61 and 65 until 5.0, where is was expanded for players up to level 75. This was however changed again in 5.1, making this instance only available to players between 66 to 75, adjusting the monsters inside.
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