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Bridget offered to help you join Kromede's Trial.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


After getting the quest, enter Kromede's Trial. Complete the instance. (It is not possible to save Robstin.) Return to Bridget to collect the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Where on Atreia did you get this?! I've dealt with many souls in my time, but these are some of the toughest.
In fact, there are two souls inside who wouldn't respond to my call. I believe they are the cause of the nightmares."
1.png "Who are they?"
"I don't know--they won't say.
There is only one solution, I'm afraid. Only one way to learn the answer. You must enter your nightmare and witness Kromede's Trial in person to uncover the truth."


"I can't guarantee your safety, you know. Once you are witness to Kromede's Trial, you'll be completely disconnected from the outside world. No one will be able to help you.
Prepare yourself mentally and physically. When you're fully ready to witness Kromede's Trial, come see me again and I'll help you inside."
X.png "I will prepare."


"Got cold feet? Well, I don't blame you, really. Enduring Kromede's Trial will be no easy task. I'm not even sure what would happen if you...died in there. Would you be able to find an Obelisk?
I don't see any other way, though. Either you attend this strange trial or you undergo your own for the rest of your immortal life. Your choice."
X.png "That's no choice at all."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Good, then let's get to it. There's nothing more to prepare.
Take my hand, and I'll send you to Kromede's Trial...."
(Attend Kromede's Trial.)

Over Level 44[]

"What? Nightmares? Are you a child?
Grow up! You should no longer fear petty dreams when you have other things to concern yourself with. The Abyss, the Balaur....
There are many more important things in this world that require your attention, [Player Name]. I suggest you go about doing them."
X.png "Sorry!"

In a Group[]

"No no no! You're in a party!
Linking souls requires a high degree of concentration. There must be nothing interrupting the connection between you and me, [Player Name].
If you still wish to go, leave your party first."
X.png "I see. One moment."
Maga's Potion
(Something glows within the Crystal Ball.)
(You can barely read the words "Maga's Potion" on the side.)
(It looks like the item Kaliga asked you to get is within.)
1.png "This must be it!"

With Key[]

(You feel an ominous rush.)
(You feel that there is something very wrong with Robstin.)
(You must take Maga's Potion NOW and hurry back to Kaliga's Manor.)
1.png "I'll have to teleport!"

Without Key[]

(The Crystal Ball won't open.)
(You need a key to open it.)
(Perhaps Divine Hisen has the key you need.)
X.png "Then I will fight."
Robstin's Corpse
(Tears streaming down your face, you carefully examine the body of Robstin with trembling hands.)
(Robstin appears to have been severely and slowly tortured, and his body has been damaged. He must have suffered greatly before he died.)
(Deep sorrow rushes up from the bottom of your heart, but it is another emotion that pushes tears from your eyes now: fury.)
1.png "They...will...PAY!"

Reward Dialogue[]

"You're awake! I was worried for a while there. You were gone so long...I thought you might never return from unconsciousness.
So, tell me. What did you see in your dream? What story did the souls wish to tell?"
1.png "A terrible one."
"The souls in this stone must be those who died in the prison beneath Kaliga's Manor. The two who resisted my call were no doubt Robstin and Kromede. But I hear Kromede still lives.... Her emotion must've been strong enough to leave an echo.
I hope they--and you--can rest peacefully now. It seems like you achieved some degree of vengeance, as Kromede once did. I hope that brings closure.
If you don't mind, I'll keep this thing. I find it highly interesting. If you wish, I'll let you back into Kromede's Trial anytime you want. Just stop by anytime."


Bridget, Daeva of Psychic Arts, said there were two souls in the Stigma that she could not contact, and suggested you enter your nightmare and witness Kromede's Trial to learn more.

You joined Kromede's Trial and turned into Kromede. You learned the truth behind the lies, and were able to see what she did to save her lover Robstin.

When you awoke, you told Bridget what you experienced. She said you will have the nightmare no more--unless you want to.

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