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Insightful Eye

Insightful Eye the first boss in the Cradle of Eternity in the Conqueror's Sanctuary. This device was set up by <Typhon> in order to watch over his servants across the gardens.

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

During the encounter, the boss will make use of a variety of attacks, most related to movement. They include; Threatening Strike <Threatening Strike> (dealing damage on a target and others around the primary target), Breathtaking Look <Breathtaking Look> (dealing damage in a straight line), Explosive Bolt <Explosive Bolt> (reducing movement speed of a target and the ones around it), Severe Turbulence <Severe Turbulence> (a cone-shaped AoE), Nervesnap Wave <Nervesnap Wave> (reducing movement speed of nearby targets) and Lightning Strike <Lightning Strike> (paralyzing a target).

However, its most dangerous feature is spawning four <Magic Towers>, each on one corner of the platform. There are three waves of these, and will take place depending on the HP of the boss; at around 75%, 50% and 20%. While the <Magic Towers> are present, the boss will receive the Unbreakable Defense <Unbreakable Defense> shield buff, making it invulnerable to damage. Due to how hard these secondary mobs hit, it is best for each DPS class to tackle one, and pop defensive buffs if needed. Additionally, from time to time, Typhon's Pollutant <Typhon's Pollutant> will go off, lighting up certain tiles on the platform, which after a few seconds will explode, dealing damage on people standing on them. This can be countered by moving to the tiles which do not light up.

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