Kinterun is stuck with an order but no Steel Ingots to make it with. Collect Iron Ore in Moslan Forest and make steel ingots on an Armor Forge.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Make three Steel Ingots for Kinterun.
Steel Ingots (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Go to Moslan Forest and gather at least three iron ore. Because you may fail during the craft, it may be wise to gather a few extra. You must learn armorsmithing to complete this quest. Return to the Armor forge and buy three Charcoal Briquettes. Craft three iron ingots and speak with Kinterun to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Class]! See the life of a master armorsmith?
Smoke. Heat. Torments of orders, always complicated. Hammers ringing all the bloody time. At the end of the day, fall over, then wake up and do it all again. But I have to, don't I? Can't grumble, we all do our bit.
Know what I have to do today? Plate armor. With iron. I bloody hate making iron armor. But you can't whinge[sic], I say. You just crack on."
1 "Harsh."
"Oh, but know what you need to make blasted iron plate armor? Steel bloody ingots.And you know what you need to make steel balfired ingots? Blasted iron ore, that's what.
And who takes all the balfammed iron ore? Humans. The blasted Humans use it all up. No iron ore in Pandaemonium for love nor money. No ore? No ingots.
So what's poor Kinterun to do, eh? Turn down orders? Drive up prices? With a war on? Not complaining, mind. Can't be helped. Just have to lump it."
1 "Anything I could do?"
"There might just be! You ever learn forge skills? If not, no matter, I can start you, and you'll knock ingots out like a champion. Three Steel Ingots'd[sic] do me for now!
All you do, you get iron ore from wherever its left, then refine it with my Armor Forges. Piece of cake!
It's worth asking your chums if they have spare ore. Amazing what folk have down in the bottom of their cube..."

Accept Edit

"You're a right trooper, [Player Name]. With your help, I'll have that armor made. You just get those Steel Ingots, and I'll swing the rest.
Grupaks over there sells charcoal briquettes, if you need. There's Iron Ore all 'round Moslan Forest. Bring it here and forge ingots in the Armorsmithing Forge. Since you're just starting, you'll make a mess of the first few before getting the knack, so best make sure you get extra iron ore.
Off you go. I've got plenty to do."
X "To the forest!"

Decline Edit

"Well, thanks for balflammin' nothing.
What am I to do, eh? I'll have to cancel oders. Know who orders iron plate? Poor people, that's who! Can't afford the best. They order what they can scrape by on. You want some bog farmer's son getting skewered?
Go on, shove off. Bloody [Player Class]. Too good for sweaty honest work.
X "Some other time."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Back already, are you?
You don't mess about!
Let's have the Steel Ingots, then."
1 "What do you think?"
"Pretty fast. Bought'em off someone else, did you?
I'll tell you what, though. It's good work, this. If this is yours, keep it up. There's fine smithcraft here!
Cheers for that! Now, I just make the balblasted armor. Well, back to it. Mustn't grumble. Can't stand bloody moaners."

Summary Edit

Master Armorsmith Kinterun was in trouble because he had an order for iron plate armor but no materials to make it.

You made him the needed steel ingots.

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