Vulcanus asked you to make three steel ingots. You first needed to dig up iron ore from the Tolbas Forest and buy Charcoal Briquettes. You then agreed to forge three steel ingots so that Vulcanus could make new plate armor for Lavirintos.

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Harvest Iron Ore (node) nodes in Tolbas Forest. Return to the armorsmithing station with 3 Iron Ore. Purchase 3 Charcoal <Charcoal Briquette> and craft 3 Steel Ingots at the armorsmithing station. Alternatively, you can purchase 3 Iron Ingots from the auction house.

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"Well, if you're offering help, I'd be a fool to turn you down.
If you could somehow replace the three ingots I've lost, I'll be able to get the armor made and ready in time for the inspection.
What do you say, [Player Name]? Will you be able to get me three steel ingots?
I can pay well...."

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Vulcanus, a Master Armorsmith, was devastated when he found out that three steel ingots were missing from his inventory, preventing him from making plate armor for Lavirintos.

He was very short on time, so you kindly agreed to gather iron ore then make the three replacement steel ingots for him.

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