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Original Map of Inggison

Inggison is one of the regions that make up Balaurea. It was discovered by the Elyos after the Balaur were said to have fled Elysea.

The land was once used as a Drana production site by Tiamat's forces, until the Elyos army swept over the region and chased them out. Since then the region serves as the main leveling area for level 41 to 55 Elyos characters, and is a foothold for the faction's advance into Balaurea.

As of the 7.9 update Inggison is also the first area where Elyos players are acquainted with the PvPvE aspect of the game, due to the presence of rifts and Silentera Canyon. Both offer a means for Asmodian players to infiltrate (part of) the region, although Elyos players can do the same and use these passages to venture into Gelkmaros as well. 5 new camps were added to farm Insignia of Experience and region Glory. Current content on this map is for players between level 75-80.

Lay of the Land[]

The lands of Balaurea only have a few areas with sufficient Aether to allow flight or flight transportation. Fortunately the Daevas found other means to help them travel faster, such as windstreams and geysers. Lately several Shugos have also begun to invest in the region, opening up additional teleport lines to key locations.

Players start at the Inggison Illusion Fortress and make their way primarily through the southern part of the map, as the north mainly holds optional areas. The map can essentially split up into "thirds" (west/middle/east), with the western third being a purely PvE area and the rest of the map PvPvE. Several fortified locations with numerous guards prevent the Asmodians from freely crossing into the PvE zone of Inggison.

On this map the players will encounter a new antagonist faction, the Dragonbound, as well a large number of Balaur soldiers following the presence of the Balic city of Hanarkand in the south. Once players venture beyond the gates and leave the safety of Soitera Sanctuary they will find that the landscape quickly loses its idyllic touch, and transforms into the barren, hostile reality that Balaurea truly is. The Inggison Outpost is a small safe haven, and offers a brief moment of repose before heading back into the fray.


Solo Instances

Group Instances


Towns and Outposts

  • Altar of Avarice
  • Angrief Observation Post
  • Doria's Campsite
  • Hanarkand Observation Post
  • Inggison Illusion Fortress
  • Investigator's Campsite
  • Obelisk Installation Base
  • Philon's Campsite
  • Soteria Sanctuary
  • Taloc Research Campsite
  • Temple of Scales
  • Undirborg Observation Post

Explorable Areas

  • Abandoned Jotun Studio
  • Angrief Bulwark
  • Angrief Drana Farm
  • Angrief Gate
  • Angrief Ruins
  • Angrief Wastes
  • Calmheart Grove
  • Collapsed Gate
  • Conqueror's Ravine
  • Crettin Habitat
  • Crettin Habitat
  • Dimaia Fountainhead
  • Dimaia Gate
  • Dramata Lair
  • Forest of Antiquity
  • Greatshade Valley
  • Hanarkand
  • Hanarkand Gate
  • Hanarkand Oracle Chamber
  • Hanarkand Plains
  • Hikiron Farm
  • Inggison Gravepit
  • Inggison Outpost
  • Inggison Silentera Entrance
  • Inggison Southern Residential Area
  • Jotun Ruins
  • Klawnickt's Cave
  • Mephistis Farm
  • Middleville
  • Mount Marut
  • Obelisk Tree
  • Obelisk Valley
  • Phanoe Gate
  • Phanoe Valley
  • Rokoros Village
  • Sawtooth Valley
  • Sawtooth Valley Gate
  • Scar Canyon
  • Shulack Kitchen
  • Skysling Canyon
  • Taloc's Forest
  • Taloc's Hill
  • The Lordspires
  • Two-handed Rock
  • Undirborg
  • Undirborg Temple Entrance
  • Weeping Valley
  • Wildheart Grove
  • Wretched Garden


As the Balaur fled Heiron, the Sanctum Expedition force under command of Seraphim Lord Kaisinel gave chase and discovered this region. Kaisinel was instructed to create a Fortress for the Elyos to prosper, and his Wisplight legion started to build the harmonic Inggison Illusion Fortress. Kaisinel wanted to expand their knowledge and found another gateway through the vast mountains of Balaurea. Bravely, the Wisplight legion carried on exploring through to Silentera Canyon. Without warning a group of Balaur assaulted the legion, striking down half of their numbers. Struggling to fight back, the Elyos withdrew and reported back to Sanctum.

The Seraphim Lords took drastic action, for they were about to face their ancient enemy once again. Rumors broke out in Elysea with stories about the ancient beings coming back from the Void. Sanctum sent legion detachments to Balaurea to aid in the fight. They knew that there was no peace with the Balaur for they retaliate with hatred and are merciless towards everything that stood on their way. With a massive blow, the Balaur legion that tried to take Inggison Fortress was sent running back to Silentera Canyon.

This gave the Elyos the opportunity to explore more, with caution. The Elyos struggled to walk through Silentera Canyon for it was very dangerous even for a Legion of Wisplights. Finally they found their way to a new pathway that led them to another area of Balaurea. As they wandered and examined their surroundings, the Wisplights found a battle raging. The Brigade Generals Yulia, Outremus and Versetti charged in without hesitation, aiding the fighters attacking the Balaur. Suddenly, one by one, the Elyos legions stood still. They realized the opposing race that were battling the Balaur was none other than the corrupted ones, the Asmodians.

The Brigaders withdrew the legion back to Silentera Canyon to decide if they were going to assault full force, or remain hidden from the Asmodians. The Elyos withdrew back to Ingisson because the Brigaders didn't want more bloodshed. Thus, Inggison was owned by the Elyos, Silentera was occupied by the Balaur, whether recently or originally, and Gelkamaros was taken by the Asmodians.


  • Prior to the 6.0 update Inggison was a map for level 51-55 Elyos players. Content was adjusted due to the map taking over the role of Theobomos and (to an extent) Heiron.
  • Inggison originally had two fortresses, the Altar Of Avarice (North Fortress) and the Temple of Scales. Ownership over these fortresses was originally required to spawn the portal leading to Silentera Canyon (and, by extension, to travel to Gelkmaros). Over the course of the game the requirements for the Silentera Portal to appear were reduced, and ultimately the portal was made available permanently. During the Upheaval (4.8) both fortresses were destroyed, then in past patches they were reintegrated. As of 7.9 these Forts can't be defended anymore, as the Balaur takes direct control before siege hour starts.
    • If both of these fortresses were owned by the Asmodians, Kaisinel's Agent <Veille> would spawn in the Illusion Outpost and stay there for 2 hours in an attempt to shift the tide of the battle. If the Asmodians are able to defeat Veille, they will receive a Mastarius's Favor for their triumph.
  • One of the quests found in the Inggison Illusion Fortress comes with a cutscene which explains that several aether-infused obelisks "maintain the illusion around us". It is possible that Inggison is a devastated wasteland in its entirety, but that Kaisinel created an illusion to mask this. This would explain why the western area of Inggison, where the obelisks are found, is significantly more green and appealing than the barren mid and eastern region, where they remain absent.
  • Originally, a Dredgion would warp into the map at times and follow a fixed path along the northern or southern part of the map before porting out again. This was the only occasion where a Dredgion would appear on the field outside of Siege hours.
    • While mainly out of reach, there were a few elevated points on the map where players could get close enough to the Dredgion for its hull turrets to open fire on them, meaning that the game loaded in an actual Dredgion instead of just an image.