Infernal Drakespire Depths (IDD) is a 12-player alliance instance for players of level 80 and above introduced in 6.0. The instance can be accessed from Lakrum; Guardian Outpost for Elyos and Archon Outpost for Asmodians. This is a memory formed from Ereshkigal's bitterness over the events which took place during Beritra's and the Daevas' confrontation in Drakenspire Depths.

The instance serves as a source of high tier endgame gear, including the Ultimate Frostspark and Legendary Frostspark sets. The only pieces that can be acquired are weapons and accessories. Other pieces are dropped from Primeth's Forge.

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  • During 6.0, the entrance to the instance was accessible from Lakrum Fortress for the faction owning the fortress, while the opposing faction had to use a portal on their respective outpost. If the Balaur owned the fortress, the instance remained inaccessible. After 6.5, The Veilenthrone took over these rules and Infernal Drakespire Depths received static entrnaces.

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