Drakenspire Depths map

Infernal Drakenspire Depths map

Infernal Drakespire Depths (IDD) is a 6-player group instance for players of level 80 and above introduced in 6.0. The instance can be accessed from Lakrum; Guardian Outpost for Elyos and Archon Outpost for Asmodians. This is a memory formed from Ereshkigal's bitterness over the events which took place during Beritra's and the Daevas' confrontation in Drakenspire Depths.

The instance serves as a source of mid-tier endgame gear, including the Ultimate Skyflame (armor only) and Legendary Skyflame sets (weapon and accessories only). Other pieces are dropped from Primeth's Forge.

Walkthrough Edit

The instance does not require special roles other than a class (most usually the main healer) with an AoE cleansing skill. Its gear requirements are not particularly high either. The dungeon only consists of a fairly short fight against <Beritra>. Upon being defeated, the group may loot his cloak for the instance's main rewards.

The group will start off in the Detachment Rendezvous, where they will be able to organise if needed. Upon interacting with the guard NPC, a portal to Agony's Well will be enabled. Going through it will trigger a cutscene and begin the fight.

<Beritra'sBeritra> skillset is fairly simple, with only a couple of factors to keep in mind. His usual attacks will consist of Macro type 1 <Dark Sign> (a wide area pull) followed by Tremor npc <Soul Plunder> (short-range AoE stun), as well as Macro type 1 <Rending Shadow> (frontal AoE damage), Macro type 1 <Successive Strike> (damage on target and other nearby), Implosion <Charged Fist> (AoE stun) and Macro type 1 <Soul Extinction> (heavy single target attack). He will also cast Macro type 1 <Pulse Wave>, disappear for a few seconds, reappear in the middle of the platform, and attack in three different directions, and reappear back in his original position.

One of his special abilities is Fallen bear npc <Chains of Command>. Beritra will randomly cast this on a group member, making them appear as an enemy for other players and friendly towards him. They will also continuously lose chunks of HP for the duration of the debuff. Classes with group-wide cleansing can remove this debuff, such as Clerics and Songweavers.

However, his most dangerous feature are the additional monsters he can summon. From time to time, a special mob will appear in one of the side platforms; the <Drakenspire Protector>. This mob will spawn spectral versions of himself in the central platform, whose attacks hit incredibly hard and will constantly pull any player towards them. The adds in the centre can be despawned by killing the <Drakenspire Protector>. Usually, a single DPS class is designated as "stigma" dealer, whose role is to jump the barricade and kill him. The spectral adds can be CCed if needed.

After the first 25% of HP, he will begin to use some other skills. One of them being Macro type 1 <Soul Extinction Field>, in which he will randomly select three players' locations and create circles on the ground on them. Anyone standing on them by the time they go off will die instantly. The other one is Macro type 1 <Dimensional Wave>, in which half of the platform will turn black, dealing damage to those on it. Instantly afterwards, the other half with turn black, doing the same mechanic. As long as everyone remains on one side only or dodge both, or is in full health, this feature will not pose a big threat.

Upon being defeated, <Beritra> will flee, leaving behind his cloak. Interacting with it will reward the instance's main rewards. Since looting can be held off, players can opt to complete the instance on their main characters, swap to a lesser geared one, enter the instance, and loot the cloak, as long as no one interacts with it before.

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Trivia Edit

  • During 6.0, the entrance to the instance was accessible from Lakrum Fortress for the faction owning the fortress, while the opposing faction had to use a portal on their respective outpost. If the Balaur owned the fortress, the instance remained inaccessible. After 6.5, The Veilenthrone took over these rules and Infernal Drakespire Depths received static entrances.
  • Originally, Infernal Drakespire Depths would be a 12-player alliance instance. This however changed with 7.0, drastically decreasing its difficulty and complexity.
    • In order to access Agony's Well, the alliance had to first split into three groups, each one needing to defeat either Orissan, the Heatvent Protector and the Lava Protector, following the same mechanics as their low level counterparts.
    • <Beritra> had to be fought in Dragon form as last boss of the instance.
    • The party had a 20 minute time limit to complete the instance.

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