Indratu H

Indratu Fortress is a solo instance for Elyos players of level 36 and above. It is the headquarters of the Indratu Legion invading Heiron, and can be accessed through the Abyss Gate found in the back of the Nute Warrens.

In the 6.0 update this instance remains, albeit as a solo version with an adjusted entry level. The interior of the fortress also received several overhauls to acquaint players with the concept of Siege Warfare en route, a task that was previously fulfilled by the Nochsana Training Camp.

Walkthrough Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Indratu Fortress originally was a group instance for level 41+ players. Players would access it as part of the Heiron campaign questline. Due to its remote location and meager drops it was mostly avoided otherwise.
  • The renewed, post-6.0 Indratu Fortress also served as the blueprint for the Asmodian equivalent, the new Bakarma Fortress instance. This instance replaces the Draupnir Cave.

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