Investigate the Crucible Rift and report to Crucible Combat Sergeant Molfus.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat <Vanktrist Spacetwine>, the final opponent in the Crucible Challenge. (0/5)
  • Go through the Crucible Rift and destroy the enemy. (0/1)
  • Talk with Molfus.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Successfully complete all 6 stages of solo Crucible Challenge five times. Go through the Rift that appears, and defeat the enemies. Return to Molfus to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"A strange taint... in the Crucible Challenge. Malevolent... of alien lands. Tastes of Balaur. At first, I thought Daevas who had been in Inggison... infused with the aura of this place...
But now I know... it is worse than that."
1 "Worse, how?"
"A fissure... a rift... caused by <Vanktrist Spacetwine>... weakening the Aetheric field I had placed around Illusion Stadium... and Tiamat's Balaur were there, ready to pour through.
I reinforced the field... for now... but I need your help to stop this for good."

Accept Edit

"My strength... is all used in... maintaining these illusions. I cannot fight.
Find these Crucible Rifts... destroy Tiamat's infiltrators... and inform Molfus of your success.
Vanktrist... he is part of this... he is powerful. You may have to defeat him... several times. That should... weaken him."
X "I'm on it."

Decline Edit

"My strength... is all used in... maintaining these illusions. I cannot fight.
I needed... you. I needed... help. Please... if you cannot help, leave me. Conversation... tires..."
X "I'm, uh... sorry."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Well, soldier? Inggril must have been uncommonly chatty for it to take you this long.
What's the story?"
1 "Rifts in the Crucible."
You're not serious? I don't know whether to be impressed at their audacity or to laugh at them for choosing an illusion as their target. Well, at least you dealt with it, for now.
I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they try again, so I'll report this to my superiors. Good work, Liberator."

Summary Edit

Inggril, the Daeva of Time in charge of the Crucible Challenge, asked you to investigate rifts in the Crucible through which Tiamat's Balaur were infiltrating.

After defeating Vanktrist Spacetwine, whose power had been causing the rifts, you went through the rift and vanquished the intruders.

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