Order: The Dukaki are threatening the Daminu Forest. Meet Oz, a guard at Deforested Area, and receive your orders.

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Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 17,056 XP

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Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Oz to obtain quest. Kill 12 Dukaki located within the Kabarah Strip Mine. These can be <Dukaki Workers>, <Dukaki DiggersDukaki Digger>, <Dukaki Brawlers>, or <Dukaki Smackers>. Report back to Oz to update quest. Go back to the mine and kill 3 <Tursin Big BossesTursin Big Boss> then return to Oz to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], this is a surprise!
I received word that a skilled [Player Class] was coming to help us, but I wasn't expecting you. You've made a favorable impression upon many, it seems.
Hmm, hear that? The Dukaki Kobolds are hacking down trees in the forest. Apparently, one of the Elim has been harassing Ampeis to do something about it."
1 "Why is it a problem?"
"Why? We both need the wood the forest supplies, and while we work with the Elim to sow seeds as we chop limited amounts of trees, the Dukaki have been cutting through vast swathes of the woodland.
It's not like the Dukaki to be so well organized, [Player Name]. It's time to let them know that we're not going to stand for this. We've already planned out our attack, but if you want to head to the Deforested Area first and soften the Dukaki there up, you'll make things much easier for us.
The question is, do you want to help?"
1 "You can count on me."
"Back already? Well, no time for congratulations. We've made a discovery.
Apparently, the Dukaki are more than just a bunch of organized lumberjacks--they're trying to refine Odium! I can't believe it took us so long to catch on! We need to inform Captain Kalio.
What is it, [Player Name]? You look a bit confused."
1 "Um... what's Odium?"
"Oh, right! I heard you bumped your head. Odium is an ore infused with Aether, the substance empowering the Seraphim Lords and our Daevas. It's incredibly powerful!
Worse yet, we've learned that the Tursin Krall are behind the Dukaki's activities. If they've managed to manipulate Aether, then all of Poeta is at risk.
"[Player Name], I need you to head back to the Kabarah Strip Mine immediately and kill some Tursin Big Bosses."
1 "I'm on it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name]! Great work on the Tursin Big Bosses. You've done the unit proud.
I've already sent word on to Captain Kalio--he'll decide how to proceed with the Krall.
Your reward's here. You've earned it."

Summary Edit

Oz, a guard at the Deforested Area, told you that the Dukaki are up to something.

You defeated them, then learned they are trying to refine Odium.

You went back to the Deforested Area and defeated more Dukaki to hinder their Odium mining operation.

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