You heard that Motgar, one of the raiders ordered to extract sap, is lazy. Head over to him and deliver Kaindal's message.

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Kaindal is a patrolling NPC in Aldelle Village. Speak with him to obtain quest. Locate Motgar and report to him to update and receive reward. He is located working at the Sap Farm just outside of town.

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"I wish Motgar was here, I'd wring his neck.
We sent him out to the Sap Farm a few weeks ago. His laziness was getting intolerable here. He's the sort who won't lift a finger unless you stand right behind him and scream in his ear. Not exactly the Asmodian way, eh?
I'd go yell at him again, but I've got too much to do here. Our armorer, <Dalor>, can't do his job because Motgar won't get him the sap he needs.
Wait... you're [Player Name], right?"
1 "Yes"
"Aha! I heard you were <Vanar'sVanar> lackey for a while. Glad to see you've moved on. That Vanir is useless, sitting there in his tent, and cursing the darkness.
Is it true he sent <Tobu> a fruit basket? Not exactly the sort of gift a real raider like Tobu appreciates.
Anyway, [Player Name]... the best way to earn some prestige with us and catch <Ulgorn'sUlgorn> eye is to volunteer. There's always one more thing to do, eh?"
1 "I see where you're going with this..."
"I figured you would. Motgar needs another dose of old-fashioned yelling to get him extracting sap again. And I'm too busy sortin' out the camp defenses to run back and forth.
Could you "convince" him to get back to work? He's in the Munihele Forest.
It should be easy. Motgar is meek, and he'll fold like a shirt when you get in his face."

Accept Edit

"I know you haven't been with us long, but you're starting to walk and talk like a raider. That'll help you with Motgar.
So, the message: Tell him that I need three buckets of sap in two days. Our new recruits need armor, so it's vital we receive the sap soon.
If he fails, he'll be dancing with the ghosts, this time next week. You can tell him that too, if you think it'll get results out of him."
X "Understood. On my way!"

Decline Edit

"Too much for you! Not everyone is strong enough to enter the Moslan Forest[sic]*, so I won't rip your head off. I suppose it's good that you keep to your limits for now, rather than bite off more than you can chew.
Let me know when you feel up to it, [Player Class]."
X "Will do."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Kaindal sent you...? Not in the face! Please, not my face!
Look, I'm working hard! people are checking up on me all the hands are raw from the work...I haven't slept...Please, just don't kill me!"
1 "Three buckets, Motgar. In two days."
"Two days? two...days?
Do you even know how long it takes days! That's impossible!
You may as well kill me now. Maybe then I can rest."

Notes Edit

  • The decline dialogue refers to the location Moslan Forest, which is the forest west of Altgard, when it should have referred to Munihele Forest which is south of Lake Tunapre.
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