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Idgel Research Center, also known as Idgel Research Laboratory, is a group instance for players of level 65 introduced in 4.0. Its entrance is located inside Pradeth Fortress in Danaria. Occupied by the Balaur, this run-down laboratory is used for experimentation on Daevas and Reians and how they react to Ide.

Additionally, it offers a Legion's version, with boosted rewards, only open for members of the legion owning the fortress.

The instance was removed as of 4.8 along with the destruction of the regions in Balaurea.

Background Edit

The inner chambers of Pradeth Fortress would hold a dark biological research lab. As one of the several facilities built by the Danuar on their days of glory, it was under Tiamat's control for a while. However, after her demise, Beritra took over it and transformed it into a twisted and nauseous experimentation lab. While part of the research inside investigates extraction of ide from wildlife, other rooms study the effects caused on humanoid beings, hoping they became empowered creatures.

As Daevas captured the fortress, it was difficult to miss the shrieks of pain coming from the chambers beneath. Aware of the situation above them, the Balaur stationed in this facility began destroying all research performed in order to prevent Daevas from getting hold of it; including the test subjects. To avoid the loss of that valuable data, Daevas must enter the laboratory and confront the several threats inside, from the Pashid legionnaires to the maddened subjects.

Walkthrough Edit

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Rewards Edit

Rewards are automatically given out to all members of the group when the instance ends. Depending on the time left and points acquired, they will be assigned a rank from Rank S to Rank F. All ranks will reward AP. While S Rank rewards Ceramium Medal <Ceramium Medals>, lesser tiers will only reward Ceramium Fragment Ceramium Fragments.

Trivia Edit

  • At certain times of the day, the entrances to all 4.0 fortress instances, including this one, would appear in Kaisinel's Beacon and Danuar Spire in Katalam for all players, regardless of who owned their respective fortress.

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