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Idgel Dome Landmark map

Idgel Dome Landmark (IDL), also called Runatorium Ruins, is a battleground instance for two groups conformed of six players between level 66 and 75. Introduced in 5.1, this instance consists of constantly unsealing the central device and preventing the opposing faction of conquering it.

This battleground shares landscape with the level 61-65 battleground Idgel Dome.

Backstory Edit

As the exploration of the Danuar stadium in Kaldor continued, secret passages were later discovered. They led to an annex battlefield, similar to the previous colliseum, but a lot less affected by the passing of time and a much different setting laid in the middle. Valuable ancient relics were held in the middle of the field, protected by a sealing device.

With the disappearance of Katalam and Danaria, the Danaur's homeland, the rarity of their relics skyrocketed, causing their commercial value to rise. As war efforts would be benefited from them, Daevas traced a mission to pillage these ruins. Unfortunately for them, the opposing faction would be also be in a search for those relics. A fierce battle would soon resume in this collapsing and unstable battleground.

Walkthrough Edit

As the instance begins, both groups will have 2 minutes to ready up. Each will start in one of both side chambers, the Blood War Room or the Steel War Room, protected by Danaur Icons which will instantly kill any player of the opposing faction who goes near it. The objective is to get to the central platform, claim the <Sealed Danuar Relic> and activate the device by interacting with the four <Unsealing Device> which spawn whenever a new stage is reached.

Landmark Square, the central arena, is conformed of a circular platform, surrounded by pools of wastewater which will reduce accuracy and movement speed of those who stand on it. The outer ring is slightly raised and also present a broken down bridge connecting to the central platform. In front of both sides of the bridge there will be an opening leading back to the starting corridors (the Hall of Blood and the Hall of Steel).

IDL Relic stage 4

Asmodian Relic at stage 4

The instance will only end once one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

As soon as the gates are lifted, the group must rush to the center and interact with the <Sealed Danuar Relic>. While rushing through the corridors, the group will unavoidably engage the mobs on the way; <Rotten Mudthorns>, <Rotten Clodworms> and <Descicated Slimes>, each rewarding 50 points when killed. If not dealt with, they will not reset, leading to them interfering in PvP encounters or the activation of devices.

Some players choose to keep their healers on the broken bridges, keeping them safe from most AoEs and damage dealers from the opposing group while they are able to maintain their teammates' HP.

As soon as a group claims the <Sealed Danuar Relic>, four <Unsealing Device> will appear on their respective spots. If the group manages to activate all of them, the <Sealed Danuar Relic> will reach stage 2. After a few seconds, new <Unsealing Device> will spawn. The same concept will be repeated up to stage 4. Once the <Unsealing Device> in that stage are activated, a chest will spawn in the middle. As soon as it gets hit by the team which fully activated the sealing devices, the instance will end, rewarding teams accordingly (winning team will receive the Gold box type 1 <Landmark Premium Reward Chest>).

However, the opposing faction may become a threat. In between stages, the <Sealed Danuar Relic> remains vulnerable to be claimed by any team. If the opposing team manages to claim it, the device's stage will revert back to the start and will be going up in phases in the same way, but favouring the team which captured it last. If the original team claims it back, they will have to start all the way back to stage 1 as well.

Whenever the device reaches stage 3, supply boxes will spawn in the starting room of the weaker side (based on relic ownership). One will contain two Bomb <Support Bombs>, scrolls which will inflict considerable damage on a target, while the other will aid the group with Blue bead <Support Restraining Bombs>, rendering a target unable to move for some seconds.

Every 5 minutes from the start of the instance, a message will be prompted to all players, indicating how the area has became unstable. From this point on, selected spots on the instance will continuously affect players standing on them, reducing their movement speed. The more the instance lasts, the more of these locations will activate, until the end of the countdown.

If both teams fail to acquire enough points from activating the <Sealed Danuar Relic>, none of them will receive the Gold box type 1 <Landmark Premium Reward Chest>, despite of having won the match. Regardless, the winning and losing team will be rewarded accordingly at the end.

Quest Edit


Rewards Edit

If one of the teams manages to obtain at least 41,00 points or fully activates the central relic device, each member of the group will receive a Gold box type 1 <Landmark Premium Reward Chest>, containing Archdaeva Manastones, and, if lucky enough, a Silver box type 1 <Forgotten Reian Fighter's Equipment Box> (appearance items similar to the Kunax series from Idgel Dome) and a Silver box type 1 <Reian Fighter's Divine Accessory Box> (level 70 PvP accessories).

Winning Team Edit

Losing Team Edit

  • Ap 400 Abyss Points (plus contribution)
  • GP1 30 GP
  • Xp 1,260,000 XP

Trivia Edit

  • Currently, the reward items are incorrectly named as "Reian", when they should actually refer to "Danuar".
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