The Idgel Dome (ID) is a 6v6 battleground instance where players have 20 minutes to defeat the present Balaur troops, the opposing faction and, ultimately, Destroyer Kunax. Winning earns up to 8000 AP, 50 GP, a chance at gear from the Kunax Destroyer set and other, misc. rewards.

Due to the minimal presence of Balaur troops and the shape/size of the map it is considered to be a PvP rather than PvPvE instance. It resembles an arena rather than a battleground.

It is available once a day (twice with an entry boost pack).

Tactics Edit

Kunax appears around the 10 minutes mark, so most teams will want to settle the score before then. Ultimately, it is the kill of the battleground's boss that gives the equipment box.
Aion 4

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The idea generally is to get to the top of the stairs on your side as soon as possible, so that you can prepare/mark the enemy team before they can do the same with you. Fast teams may even rush the enemy while they are still fighting their initial mobs, overwhelming them.

Near the concerning team's starting point is a flame vent which can be activated to 'lock' the enemy team at their starting point for a period of time. This is usually done shortly before Kunax spawns.

If Kunax is damaged to below 50% by one team and the other team finished it, the team that did over 50% damage will still get the kill. After wiping the enemy team at kunax, your team can maintain distance from the boss to have it reset.

Supply Chests containing damage/freeze bombs and PvP defence scrolls will also spawn throughout the map during selected moments. The latter are usually taken by the cleric.

History Edit

The Idgel Dome is a coliseum where the ancient Danuar forced Ide-contaminated creatures to fight for their entertainment. Beritra, knowing that these creatures could be valuable test subjects, made efforts to capture them when the Elyos and Asmodians arrived. Both sides, determined to stop the dragon lord and each other, have poured troops into this valuable site.

--Official description from the 4.7 patch notes.

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