Ide is an ancient substance that was used by the Danuar as the main energy source for their weapons, devices and other creations, such as <Hyperion>. It was first introduced in 4.0 and has since been highly sought after by the Elyos, Asmodians and in particular the Balaur. Ide harnesses great power but comes with equally great risks: it is shown to be highly unstable and has disastrous effects on both animate and inanimate objects if not handled properly or if direct contact is made with it.

After acquiring Hyperion, Beritra applied the knowledge from the ancient weapon to build Ide-powered machines for his invasion. Simultaneously, the Elyos and Asmodians developed Bastions, the weapons used by the new Aethertech class, which are also powered by Ide.

It the original Aethertech campaign (Aion 4.5) Protector Oriata revealed that Ide, like Aether, has been present in the Aion universe since the beginning, and that it is part of its fundamental matter. Evidence of it are the traces left by Siel's Relics after being used by Tiamat and Israphel, which turned out to be small crystallised Ide.


  • In-game, Ide was a resource that could be acquired from Collection Nodes scattered throughout Katalam, Danaria and, in particular, the Idian Depths. These nodes required a character of level 60 and above, at least 499 proficiency in Aethertapping, as well as 1 Aether Extractor per node to gather.
  • Each same node can be harvested up a maximum of 3 times.
  • Some monsters contaminated by Ide in the aforementioned regions may also drop it.
  • Ide can come in three grades: Common (Ide), uncommon (Preserved Ide) and heroic (Flawless Ide).
  • Unlike Aether, Ide by itself cannot be transmuted into a lower or higher tier equivalents. It is however possible to trade Ide in for Aether via the so-called "Aether Trader" merchants present in the 4.0 maps.


Throughout 4.0, the dangers of Ide are continually emphasized:

  • It was an Ide explosion caused by a malfunction on one of their weapons that caused the Danuar race to become extinct in one go.
  • Living beings that come in direct contact with Ide are "infused" with the substance. They are subverted and mutated by the Ide and technically become undead, animated only by their ravenous desire for more Ide. In the 4.0 maps players may encounter several Elyos, Asmodian and Balaur groups which have fallen to this fate already.
  • Leaked samples also showed that Ide will affect the environment: from the plants, waters and very air to the wildlife and beyond.
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