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Icaronix was a Mirage Centurion, part of the legion the Elyos player used to lead. When the player recovers from its injuries, Icaronix summons the player to the Silver of Darkness.

First as a friendly meeting, it is soon revealed he has darker movtives; assassinating the player to prevent the secret of his betrayal to be revealed. When this plan fails, he flees back to his allies; the Lepharists.

As the player recovers memories about the happenings previous to the legion's demise, the Daeva is sent to Azoturan Fortress to put an end to his life and avage the fallen comrades.



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  • Icaronix is the former centurion of the Mirage Legion. He is a mysterious figure who turned out to be a traitor. He murdered Ecus who discovered his treachery and tried to stop the legion's deployment to Karamatis where a Balaur trap awaited. Later its revealed he is a Lepharist. He meets his end in Azoturan Fortess.
  • While fighting him in Azoturan Fortress, he first fights as Betrayer Icaronix, but he then shapeshifts into Icaronix the Betrayer, a grotesque form similar to the "artificially ascended" creatures created by Lepharists. This second phase shows that this empowering process was used on him once was perfected.

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