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Hyperion is one of the ancient Danuar weapons, originally built to fight off the Balaur invading Katalam. It was later claimed by Beritra. The weapon is hidden in a hangar, Infinity Shard. It acts as the main and only boss in the instance.

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Fierce battles took place in Katalam between Tiamat's armies and the Danuar. The wise ancient race, unprepared for the Dragon Lord's wrath, were losing territories. Due to the imminent threat of the Balaur, the Danuar decided to put an end to her armies by building a weapon of immense power. Unfortunately, the Balaur advance was fast enough to prevent the Hyperions from being activated.

Fearing they would fall in those dangerous claws, the remaining Hyperions were hidden across Katalam. Most were either destroyed by time and weather. However, after the Danuar were finally defeated, Tiamat found the last functional Hyperion. The issue: her lack of knowledge of Ide as a power source did not allow her to use it.

After being cornered in Tiamaranta, Tiamat requested help to Fregion. However, Beritra intercepted the messenger and found out about her secret weapon. Unlike Tiamat, Beritra knew how to activate the petralith and was aware of the dangers. He captured the player and disguised himself as a famous researcher to find out whether the Daeva is able to handle Idgel Cubes. Once free, he fouled the player to try activating a broken Hyperion in Pandarunerk's Delve. Now convinced of the player's skills, they met in the Infinity Shard, were he revealed as himself after the last Hyperion powered up.

The player then returns to the hangar. Although the weapon was successfully destroyed, Beritra took advantage of it by utilizing the petralith's mechanism to design his invasion warmachines; bigger and more powerful.

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