Stop the undead in Besfer Ghost Village by getting rid of the Anubite Vigilantes, Pale Zombies, and Graveknight Sellswords.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Anubite Vigilante (0/10)
Pale Zombie (0/7)
Graveknight Sellsword (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Go to Besfer Ghost Village, which is located to the southeast, and kill the required number of each monster. Return to Grigite for the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"It's taken so long for us to get as far as we have, and still it feels like we've gotten nowhere at all with the undead problem in Besfer Ghost Village.
We get Daevas out there to investigate, but we can't find the big solution--only temporary ones.
We can't let this continue. We have our residents and their safety to think of."
1 "That must be difficult."
"More so than you may realize.
I'd really appreciate any help you could provide. I feel as though I've sent so many Daevas out there...but the stories that follow you make me wonder if you aren't what I needed all along.
Are you willing to find out?"

Accept Edit

"Great. I'll need you to cull Anubite Vigilantes, Pale Zombies, and Graveknight Sellswords.
Let me know when you have finished. I'll be here waiting for you."
X "Blood for blood!"

Decline Edit

"Oh? Hmph.
That's fine, then. Come back if you have time...or don't.
I don't care either way. Really. I'm indifferent to whether or not you're willing to help. I look forward to being eaten alive by the undead. Thanks."
X "You're...welcome?"

Reward DialogueEdit

"Oh, I hope we can find a way to reverse this undead problem. Very soon.
Anyway, how did it go?"
1 "Quite well."
"Great news.
This will help so much. Remember, though--you're always welcome back to do more. There's always more...."


Grigite was dispatched to solve the undead problem in Besfer Ghost Village. She asked you to get rid of the undead that attack the residents.

You went to the village and got rid of Anubite, Zombies, and Unfests. Grigite was grateful and told you to come back whenever you wanted more work.

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